11 Migraine Triggers That Will Surprise You

11 Migraine Triggers That Will Surprise You

Mild, moderate or severe, migraine headaches afflict approximately 30 million Americans 75 percent of them being women. About 76 percent of those can actually tell when an attack is about to hit them by signs that are known mostly only to them.

Our article today deals with the 11 most commonly known triggers of migraines. Keeping a journal of the triggers will enable a person to avoid as many of them as possible and even navigate around a migraine from hitting them.

1. Ocular or Aura Migraines

Persons may see flashing or shimmering lights, the colors of the rainbow, zigzagging lines or stars. Others may see blind spots in their field of vision. Generally, it is thought by doctors that these kinds of migraines occur in people with a family history of migraines but virtually anything can trigger them.

2. Irregular Sleep Hours

Getting either too little sleep or too much of it is one sure migraine trigger for many people. Better try for seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep or at least, a regular sleep schedule–even on the weekends.

3. Food Additives and Flavor Enhancers

Aspartame and the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG) are especially likely to trigger a migraine. Experiments with aspartame have yielded some disturbing results. There are some ongoing studies to determine its triggering clinical depression and in some cases, even dementia-related illnesses.

With MSG, many people already believe that MSG triggers some headaches and even some asthma attacks in asthmatics. However, more recent studies point to the possibility of MSG triggering headaches in those with a propensity to migraine attacks.

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4. Wrong Kind Of Exercise

Too much strenuous exercise like jogging, aerobics or racquetball serves as a trigger to many sufferers. Better try something relaxing such as the Chinese relaxation practice of Tai Chi. In one well-known study, 22 percent out of 1,200 migraine patients pointed to certain exercises as a trigger.

5. Processed Foods

Deli-cut meats, TV dinners, caffeine, chocolate and some cheeses may also trigger migraines, so be sure to keep a food diary taking note of which certain foods are your particular triggers.

6. Insufficient Water

Lack of sufficient hydration also triggers migraines in some people so try to have at least eight glasses of pure, filtered water.

7. The Weather

It doesn’t have to be raining to trigger an attack. Snow, the wind, humidity, pollen seasons and even taking in too much sunshine can do it. Even a change in light conditions or certain light combinations can trigger migraines.