A Few Benefits of Going Wheat Free

A Few Benefits of Going Wheat Free

A Few Benefits of Going Wheat Free

There are so many benefits to kicking wheat out of your life, at least temporarily. Wheat is one of the crops that has been changed so much it is no longer even close to as healthy as it once was. Studies show that 100 years ago bread was 5% gluten, it is now 50%, big change. Wheat is also very chemically treated to resist mold, bugs, and make it easier to process into bread, all these chemicals take a toll on food and it’s nutritional content.

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1- Celiac Disease is the biggest reason, people who suffer from celiac have a severe intolerance to gluten, this disease affects almost 1 in 100 people, and is largely undiagnosed.

2- Chronic fatigue has been linked to wheat intolerance, wheat can lead to a decrease in the body’s absorption of nutrients.


Wheat is very easy to overdo, toast or cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, a serving of garlic toast or a burger or pizza for supper, excess of any food is not good for you.

3- Weight loss is a great benefit, wheat can cause bloating and inflammation, also giving up bread often forces us to make healthier choices, like a big salad or hearty soup. You may lose a few pounds initially, then level off, some people have reported weight loss of 40-50 pounds after going wheat-free.

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4- Avoidance of bleach and preservatives, white flour is bleached, as is white sugar. Most commercial bread has a ton of preservatives to prolong shelf life. You can bake you own, which is a great alternative, and there is something innately satisfying about eating a delicious fresh piece of bread made by your own two hands. Baking is also great therapy.

Any food that can build up toxicity in your system is a good food to take a break from, this includes wheat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and others. You clean your house, you clean the outside of your body, cleaning out the inside once in a while is just common sense.

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5- Wheat is one of the foods linked to depression, what we put into our bodies makes a huge difference in how we feel. Many physical and mental problems are caused by food allergies and intolerance, this can lead to chronic inflammation, and while more studies need to be done to determine causality, it will definitely make an autoimmune disease worse.

Giving up wheat is not for everybody, but a break from it now and then is a good thing. Turning to whole, healthier foods is a great thing.