4 Natural Healthy Hair Tips from India

4 Natural Healthy Hair Tips from India

The world has long admired women from India, pictured throughout history with their thick, shiny, healthy hair either flowing free or plaits in thick braids. Other cultures have longed for the genetic jackpot, thinking that what these women have is unobtainable without expensive, chemically laden products. Well, good news! We have some secrets on how Indian women get their healthy hair!

4 Natural Healthy Hair Tips from India

First tip:

give your body what it needs to grow your hair. Eating a diverse diet that’s balanced, without cutting out proteins and healthy fats, is essential! When you stop eating proteins you are taking away the building blocks of your hair, which can lead to thinning and hair loss. A diet that’s lacking in healthy fats can lead to a dry scalp with dull hair. The traditional Indian diet offers a wide variety of foods that are high in vitamins, fruits, vegetables, spices full of antioxidants, lean meats, and utilizes healthy cooking oils to get amazing flavors as well as everything hair needs to grow.

Plus, eating a diverse diet also has other health benefits like increased energy and a smaller waist line.

Second tip:

skip the daily shampoos full of chemicals. Normal shampoo strips hair of the natural oils your body makes to protect your scalp and hair. These oils are also responsible for keeping hair shiny and strong. Skip shampooing your hair for a few days, and when you do shampoo, use something that is natural and gentle. Making homemade shampoo from citrus peels or Indian gooseberries, or using Castile soap are both excellent alternatives to harsh shampoos. The homemade shampoo can make a big difference for women who try to achieve healthy hair.

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