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Things To Eat To Increase Your IQ

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Things To Eat To Increase Your IQ

Things To Eat To Increase Your IQ

Eating certain foods can help you to be healthier and lose excess fat, they can also help increase your IQ. This amazing fact is a result of new research from author and tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey, he found that certain nutritious foods can boost your brainpower. This could be because you lack nutrients your brain needs. The good news is that there are foods that can help raise your IQ with science:

Things To Eat To Increase Your IQ

• Healthy fat
Asprey urges increasing consumption of healthy fats. Our brains are about 60% fat that needs to be replenished. Different parts of the brain require different nutrients, for example neurons gain energy from fat while glial cells gain energy from carbohydrates.

• Walnuts
The most important brain booster is omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts resemble a human brain in appearance which is no coincidence, they are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. They increase melatonin level 300% which helps regulate healthy sleep patterns.

• Eggs
Eggs are incomparable for their health benefits. They contain high quality nutrients including fat and protein that many of us lack.

• Fish oil
Whether you choose a fish oil supplement or wild salmon, fish oil produces fast results regarding brain health. A diet enriched in fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that is an essential element for brain growth and higher IQ.

• Broccoli
Broccoli tops the list for improving IQ. It’s rich in vitamin K, an essential part of brain development and proper functioning. It also helps delay development of dementia. It contains vitamin C and antioxidants which have several health benefits A recent study showed that broccoli contains sulforaphane, which helps preserve the condition of the blood brain barrier and repair it when it becomes damaged.

• Pumpkin Seeds
Another powerful brain food is pumpkin seeds, they’re linked to increased IQ and help fight depression by reducing inflammation in the brain, they contain the amino acid tryptophan. They are also beneficial for skin, hair, and nails.

• Vitamin C
Foods rich in vitamin C can improve your memory, increase concentration, and improve mental clarity. The antioxidants in these foods protect the integrity of brain cells and increases blood flow to the brain reducing mental fog. Foods in this category are oranges, kiwis, lemons, melons, and broccoli.

• Protein
A diet packed with protein contains amino acids required by your body to build neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. You can get protein from lean meat, dairy, legumes, cereals, and egg yolks.

• Vitamin B
A deficiency of vitamin B can cause mental and physical illness. It’s essential for every cell in our body and helps with hormone production and stress management. It’s so common you may not even realize if you lack the vitamin. It’s deficiency can result in inability to concentrate, hormonal issues, PMS, depression, and insomnia. Give your body and brain an appropriate diet rich in vitamin B to raise your IQ and deal with other health issues.

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