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Get Hip to These Remedies

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Get Hip to These Remedies

Get Hip to These Remedies

You may already know hips are a tricky place for pain, a problem with your hip can cause pain somewhere else, such as your groin or your knee, it can also cause referred pain, which is caused by any pain that starts elsewhere in your body and can be felt in your hips, this can be caused by many situations such as poor-fitting shoes, a poor mattress, a knee injury, obesity, running, and weight-training exercises. If hip pain is curtailing your dancing, here is what you can do:


  • Ice 

Ice is the first thing to try for managing hip pain, you can make an ice pack by putting cubes in a plastic bag, wrapping the bag in a towel, and propping the pack next to you while you sit in a chair.

  • Sneakers

They are designed for such specific purposes now that you have to make sure you have the right pair for the right activity. There are many activities you can’t do with certain sneakers, because they will probably inflame your hip. If you want to run, get running shoes, if you want to play tennis, basketball, or any other sport look for specific shoes for that activity.

  • Pace yourself 

Rest, especially if you have been feeling pain in your hips, rest for a few days, then return to your activity at a slower pace.

  • Get off the machine 

The hip machines you see in gyms can give you trouble, watch out for the hip adduction machine in particular. It may not hurt while you’re using it, but you can feel the strain the next day.

  • Lie firmly 

A firm mattress is important to prevent hip problems, you also want a mattress that’s even all the way across.

  • Heads up 

When you are walking, look up and ahead instead of at your feet, that will improve your posture and your stride, which will make things easier on your hips

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