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Your Intimate Area Is Very SENSITIVE: Do These Things And Protect Yourself From INFECTIONS

Your Intimate Area is Very SENSITIVE Do These Things and Protect Yourself From INFECTIONS

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How to Take Perfect Care of Your Intimate Area

Your intimate area is among your greatest friends and should even be the best. Your intimate area carries out a lot of stuff for you and deserves a little tender loving care in return. As such, knowledge of how to ensure you provide the best care for her should be a priority.

Given what might happen if you do not care for your best girl, listed below are eight ways to provide the rightfully earned and much-needed attention.

1. Dress in comfortable underwear
Because your honey pot rarely sees the light and is usually moist, keeping it always covered can lead to the collection of additional moisture. For bacteria and yeast, more moisture means prime breeding grounds. Although nothing compares to totally ditching everything and going commando, wearing comfortable underwear allows for some breathing room. So please go ahead and set you privates free, it is worth your while.

2. Get to know yourself
Using a mirror to give your honey pot a good look is of great importance for a wide variety of reasons. One of the most important being that such an undertaking helps you to pinpoint potential problems quickly. It is also important to ensure you stretch your best friend a little when looking. Spreading her open allows for a closer look, which means you get more details, a necessity when it comes to identifying potential problems.

3. Get intimate with yourself
Intimate knowledge of yourself through rubbing one out offers several benefits. Not only is m@sturbation incredibly rewarding, but studies reveal that it also has many health benefits. Thanks to a potent chemical cocktail comprised of norepinephrine, oxytocin, and serotonin, solo sessions while you are on your period can reduce the severity of cramps. The benefits do not stop there seeing as apart from helping you to fall asleep, masturbation might also help you stave off UTIs.

4. Freshen up

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Refreshing or freshening up down there is arguably the most effective way to ensure you are providing the necessary care. Although for the most part, your honeypot is similar to wonder woman, a little assistance from you goes a long way. Freshening up on a regular basis ensures you maintain a relatively healthy vaginal ph.

5. Exercise
In a similar fashion as every other body muscle, your honeypot will benefit significantly from a good workout. Not only do regular exercises help to strengthen your pelvic floor, but they can also lead to better @rgasms. Exercising is therefore totally worth your while. Kegels are the most recommended form of v@ginal exercises.

6. Indulge in some v@ginal massage
Kegels are admittedly quite useful when it comes to tightening the pelvic muscles, which is why women are continually encouraged to perform them. However, some women bear too much tension in the pelvic area. Like any other body muscle that might be wound too tight, your honeypot might significantly benefit from a good massage. You can perform a yoni massage quite easily on your own. However, if you think you cannot effectively perform such a message, you can always leave it to the professionals.

7. Practice protection
If you are an active lady when it comes to physical affections, you need to use some form of protection. Condoms allow you to avoid getting pregnant while also protecting you against STDs. More importantly and as a bonus, condoms also assist in maintaining the pH levels of your honey pot. Ideal pH levels help in the creation of an environment healthy enough for good bacteria to thrive in, which ensures you fend off bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

8. Involve yourself in Yoga
As much as you may find it unbelievable, yoga is quite capable of whipping your honeypot into shape. Poses such as the Goddess and the Wide-Legged Straddle can effectively get blood to flow to your intimate area. A comparatively better flow of blood to your reproductive organs enables heightened functionalities.

As evidenced by the factors mentioned above, ensuring optimal functionality and health when it comes to your privates mostly involves exercising and personal hygiene. The condition of your reproductive organ almost solely depends on you. It is therefore upon you to ensure your intimate area stays in the best possible shape.

Your Intimate Area is Very Sensitive: Do These Things and Protect Yourself From Infections.

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