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Lemon Essential Oil Trick That Detoxifies the Body and Promotes Fat Loss

Lemon Essential Oil Trick That Detoxifies the Body and Promotes Fat Loss

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Using lemon essential oil in the morning helps you to cleanse your body, support metabolism, balance pH, and nourish your skin. Lemon is well known for its ability to cleanse the body of toxins and is therefore used to stimulate lymph drainage, which rejuvenates energy. The lemon essential oil has been used for centuries to cure many different types of ailments and its health benefits have been well established in the scientific community.

According to a study that was recently published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, the lemon essential oil may be the most potent and powerful anti-microbial agent out of all of the essential oils. Studies have shown that breathing lemon essential oil in is able to improve the neurological activity the promotes fat loss. Studies have also shown that adding lemon essential oil to water in the morning can help reduce the chance of overeating throughout the day and boost weight loss.

Starting the day off with lemon essential oil helps to balance ph, boost metabolism, and reverse inflammation in several ways. Lemon essential oil is especially beneficial because of it:

is easily absorbed
increases energy
provides mental clarity
reduces heartburn and respiratory issues
reduces acne
is safe and low in acid
helps with colon purification
helps with cell renewal
helps with weight loss
aids in detoxing the body

Get these benefits from lemon oil in the morning by placing 2-4 drops of it in a glass and adding filtered water before drinking. Another great bonus of lemon essential oil is that it contains 68% d-limonene, which is not found in lemon juice. D-limonene is a potent antioxidant that has been shown to cleanse the liver of harmful toxins.

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Cancer cells have also been studied with d-limonene. These studies have shown that d-limonene has not only stopped the progression of cancer but also prevented it from spreading throughout the body. D-limonene is not toxic to humans, so this is a great benefit to lemon essential oil.

A lemon essential oil can also act as a mood uplifter. Combining lemon and lavender used topically can uplift your mood, and decrease depression. Adding a few drops of these oils to bathwater can also help with everyday stress and fatigue. Because lemon oil is calming in nature, it helps to eliminate mental fatigue, dizziness, exhaustion, anxiety, tension, and nervousness. It refreshes the mind by removing negative emotions.

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This oil also works as a taste enhancer. According to organicfacts.net, lemons are widely used around the world for culinary purposes since aid in digestion and are full of vitamins. The lemon essential oil can be added to softened butter to use in food such as fish and steamed vegetables. Since lemon essential oil is best used in the morning, add it to your favorite breakfast food such as lemon muffins or in your morning tea.

Lemon essential oil is very beneficial to overall health. If it is used in the morning, it sets the precedent for a healthy day with a revved-up metabolism and a decreased appetite. With a lowered amount of inflammation in the body, lemon oil can help fix a wide range of chronic diseases.

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