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“Same Boat Ride”

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"Same Boat Ride"

“Same Boat Ride”
By: Salve Cedillo

Have you ever wondered what lies ahead?
When the lights are off, sun sets and hid?
When the good memories just seem to fade
Leaves are falling down as if they’re freed
Waves grew bigger with the strong blow of wind
Then you wake up and feeling really scared?

Have you gone tired and just want to escape?
Somewhere, anywhere don’t care if it’s safe
The clock is ticking but you can no longer wait
You wanna run away, and have time for yourself
You’re hurt, it’s painful, yet seems nothing’s felt
You catch your breath, like too much tightened belt

But what could be worse than a Ruler being ruled?
When an innocent man was spitted and condemned?
When the King was wearing thorn instead of a crown?
When He was denied by those He relied?
When He was scourged and unfairly judged?
When He should have been glorified, but crucified?

He knows, it’s the same road He had walked
And He promised with all those wonderful words
Hold on, the rosebud will have its full bloom
The rain is falling to keep the land of not drying
That’s why trees in the mountain keep growing
He’s just there, don’t worry, pray, and keep going

The ride is never promised to be a smooth sail
Reality is there, but everything will be well
The circus is real and you’ve just got to deal
You’ve got the ticket, go, you can never fail
Just give a try, and you can also ask why
Scream, shout, cry, but you can also smile

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