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How Using a Lemon in a Sock Overnight Will Heal Cracked Heels?

She Goes to Bed With Lemon in a Sock. In the Morning...

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Cracked heels are unsightly, and in some cases, they can even be uncomfortable. People who walk around barefoot or who don’t frequently moisturize their feet may notice their heels cracking often. While paying for pedicures and creams is one way to treat this issue, there is a much simpler treatment: lemons! Those who have tried it say that sleeping with lemons on the heels is a sure way to see results.

How using lemon in a sock overnight will heal cracked heels? It’s recommended that the lemon is juiced and the pulp removed. The lemon is then placed over the driest part of the heels with a sock holding it in place.

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The lemons did not have to be worn overnight. However, the best results were seen in those who did leave the lemons in place all night.

What is Dry Skin?

Due to the lack of oil glands on our feet, those who don’t consistently keep up with moisturizing the feet will suffer from dry skin. Dry skin may cause the following:

 Itchy feet
 Rough, flaking skin
 A rash
 Severe itching that is not calmed by scratching

Sometimes it’s necessary to see a podiatrist or dermatologist see if there are deeper issues causing the dryness. However, many home remedies work great at healing dry feet without a doctor’s help. These natural treatments offer relief without exposure to the caustic chemicals in prescription creams.

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Why Are Lemons a Good Dry Skin Treatment?

Lemons are used for many health purposes, but the acid they contain is what makes them perfect for cracked feet. The acid in lemons makes them great for exfoliating. That means dry, dead skin falls off when exposed to lemon juice, and that leaves room for new skin.

The article describing how to sleep with lemon peels on your heels is straightforward, and all you need is a lemon. The results are fast and effective.

Another Lemon Exfoliating Option

The previous treatment only requires a lemon. There are products that can be added to the lemons to help the exfoliating process along. One is using Vaseline with lemon juice.

What’s Needed:

 Warm water and a tub for soaking
 One teaspoon of Vaseline or another petroleum jelly
 Three teaspoons of lemon juice

After soaking feet in the warm water for around half an hour, mix the Vaseline and lemon juice. Dry feet and apply the mixture to the driest part of cracked heels and wait for at least an hour. For maximum results, leave it on all night.

The Vaseline holds in moisture and the lemon juice removes dead skin. If this treatment is used for a week, noticeable results should appear.

For beautiful feet come sandal season, start exfoliating now. Lemons are cheap, easily accessible, and effective at removing dry, dead skin. They also give people the chance to avoid chemicals that may react negatively with skin. Try these simple remedies for a week and watch soft, new skin emerge.

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