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10 Signs You Should Have an Eye Exam

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10 Signs You Should Have an Eye Exam

10 Signs You Should Have an Eye Exam
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

All of us are different and generally remain unsure regarding when to see the vision care center. Here are 10 signs that indicate you’re due for an eye exam.

1. Sudden blurry vision
Problems focusing on things and sudden blurry vision is a sign that may indicate bigger health problems and should never be ignored. If the vision blurs then becomes normal it shows a problem with the eye lens. If the blurry vision is confined to one eye set up an appointment with your optometrist immediately.

2. Obstruction of vision and sudden appearance of visual disturbances such as floaters
If you get sudden visual disturbances such as floaters or flashes of light followed by obstruction of vision you immediately need to schedule an appointment with your optometrist as it can lead to serious vision-threatening disorders like retinal tears, detachment, or hole. These symptoms require proper diagnosis and attention to avoid loss of vision.

3. Headaches

Working on computers for an extended time can cause headaches, however loss of vision and improper vision also cause them. Concentrating on tasks for an extended time leads to headaches in the front of your head and gradually moves toward the sides.

4. Holding books away from you

If you are holding books, newspapers, or other reading material farther away than usual from your eyes you may need reading glasses. As we age our eye lens weakens, disturbing the focus and image formation and calls for an eye check-up.

5. Misjudging distances

People who need glasses often find it difficult to judge distances and end up misjudging them. This problem can arise while doing everyday tasks like parking the car. If your eyes are not working together we fail to perceive the depth of objects and find it difficult to judge distance.

10 Signs You Should Have an Eye Exam

6. Getting tired easily

If you find that you are getting tired faster doing tasks for shorter duration, it indicates there is a disturbance in the focusing process. Our brain and vision are synchronized so that if our eyes work perfectly our brain remains fully active and awake avoiding fatigue.

7. Sensitivity to light

Sensitivity to light is a perfect measure of your eyes’ health. If you do not respond to a sudden change of light normally it may indicate serious eye disorders including infection.

8. Squinting

Frequent squinting is a sign we need an eye examination. The reason squinting improves vision is that it reduces pupil size and clears vision. However squinting is not the permanent solution to your eye problem, it indicates vision-related problems.

9. Watery eyes

If you often find your eyes filling with water without sad or happy emotions, it means there is a problem with your eyes. Our eyes generally get watery when we feel very emotional or are sad, crying without reason calls for an eye check-up.

10. If you haven’t had an eye check-up in two years

If you have not visited your optician for two years, its time to do so. Several changes take place in our eyes in 2 years and should be monitored by an expert optician for sound health of your eyes.

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