9 Signs of an Insecure Partner and What to Do About It

9 Signs of an Insecure Partner and What to Do About It

At first the constant texts and phone calls seemed cute, but now it may be a bit too much. Could your partner be insecure about the relationship? Here are nine signs of an insecure partner and how to deal with it.

9 Signs of an Insecure Partner and What to Do About It

1. They always need your approval
This is a sign according to Joseph Nowinski in the Psychology Today article, “Is It Love, Or Is It Insecurity?” An insecure partner will constantly seek approval of their life from you. No amount of reassurance will help. They were insecure before you met them, and they’ll stay that way unless something changes.

2. They’re so jealous!
They’re jealous of what you achieve or do outside of the relationship. If you hang out with a friend instead of them, they’ll say you have no time for them. The same goes for a job. But it shouldn’t be a constant occurrence. If they’re jealous of your achievements or your friends, there’s a problem.

3. You’ll feel smothered
They must always be in your presence… even if you’re not doing anything interesting. They can be possessive and controlling when it comes to what you do and when. If your partner must know your whereabouts, contact you constantly, and complains when you go places without them, they’re insecure.

4. You’re not the only one they distrust
No matter how much your reassure your partner, they may still distrust you at times. This will manifest itself as criticism towards family and friends. Not only do they interpret the actions of others negatively, but they also respond negatively. Professor and psychologist Rick Nauert goes over this in a Psych Central article titled “Insecurity Undermines Relationship”.

5. You’ve always got to explain yourself to them!

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