How to Keep Desire Alive In Long Term Relationship

How to Keep Desire Alive In Long Term Relationship
A long term relationship takes work. Once the novelty of being with a new person has worn off, people have to work hard to keep the desire alive in the relationship. If you are someone who is in a long term relationship and would like to spice up your life with your partner, there is one sure way to make this happen: schedule time for romantic relations.

What This Means

We all lead busy lives that require scheduling and managing our activities. If you have children or if you both work, having relations spontaneously can be almost impossible. This is why the most successful long term relationships are made up of people who schedule romantic relations. This may not seem like the most romantic thing in the world to do, but it can make a huge difference in the way your relationship progresses. Think of it as if you are scheduling a vacation. Choose a time that both of you feel comfortable with and be willing to be flexible. If you have to reschedule, then do so without worrying.

Why it Works

Even though it is not romantic to think of scheduling relations, it actually does work for a number of reasons. For one thing, it builds anticipation. When people know when they will have romantic relations, they tend to think about it more, to plan, and to look forward to it more. They plan special things, including special outfits or even toys to enhance the experience.RELATED ARTICLE: Keeping The Romance Alive In your Relationship