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Instagram’s Most Famous Butt

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Instagram's Most Famous Butt

Instagram’s Most Famous Butt


“Oh, my god, Becky. Look at her butt.” Pretty 20-year-old Jen Selter has quickly become an Instagram favorite with her well-toned and sculpted derriere. She started posting photos of her physique in March of 2012 and has since gained an admiring followers to the tune of more than 1.7 million. Jen’s celebrity has garnered her the attention of singer/performer Rihanna.

Jen credits her toned posterior to a regimented daily workout that lasts for around two hours. She makes sure to include cardio to keep her asset firmly placed, she incorporates a combination of cardio, strength training, and of course squats and lunges. Clearly, this routine has helped Jen to round things out quite nicely.

Jen Selter

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