Irregular Periods: When You Should Worry About It

Irregular Periods: When You Should Worry About It

The average period of a menstruation cycle is between 21-35 days. Any other figure out of this range is considered irregular. Every woman experiences irregular periods at some point in life. Women with regular periods have 11-13 menstrual cycles per year. It is vital to note that every woman has a different cycle. Therefore, what is normal for one woman is not the same for another. In most of the cases, irregular periods are not an issue to worry about, but sometimes they indicate health complications.

1 Irregular Periods- When You Should Worry About It

Causes of irregular periods

Several things could cause irregular cycle. Most of the causes are some of the things people have to deal with in their daily life such as stress and irregular sleep patterns.


Women experience irregular periods at the end of their menstrual years when they reach perimenopause and menopause.


When a person is stressed, cortisol hormone interferes with the normal hormone balance. Cortisol hormone determines how much estrogen and progesterone are produced. These two hormones govern the menstrual cycle. The more the stress, the more the cortisol hormone in your body. This causes irregular periods.

Weight changes

Weight dictates how much hormones will be produced by the body. When the fat level is below or above average, it messes with the menstrual cycle resulting in irregular periods.

Irregular sleep patterns

Sleep has several benefits to your body. It gives the body time to repair and be able to function well. The quantity and quality of sleep a person gets every night affects hormone leptin, which then affects ovulation. Most medical practitioners recommend an average of 8-10 hours sleep every night to ensure the hormones are balanced. Irregular sleep patterns result in irregular menstruation.


Some medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, Coumadin, and naproxen can affect the production of estrogen and progesterone, which in turn leads to irregular periods.

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