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Guess Why She Applies Deodorant to Her Legs

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Guess Why She Applies Deodorant to Her Legs

Guess Why She Applies Deodorant to Her Legs

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There are ingredients in antiperspirants and deodorants that keep you from sweating. It’s great for underarms, but there are other areas of the body that could benefit from the drying properties of deodorants. When a woman sweat around certain body parts in certain situations, she applies deodorant to stop sweating.

Guess Why She Applies Deodorant to Her Legs

Clammy Hands
There’s nothing worse than shaking someone’s hand to find it covered with sweat. If a woman finds that her hands are sweating before a big meeting or an interview, she applies deodorant to her palms to stop the sweating. Often, knowing that the deodorant will remove the wetness will give her more confidence, which will stop the sweating too.

Shoes That Rub
New shoes can rub against the back of her foot or against the toes. Along the heel or the toes, swipe a stick of deodorant. It’ll keep your shoes from rubbing and creating blisters. It’ll work better than the old method of adding a bandage to the area since bandages can easily rub off the foot. Deodorant will stay on the area through the entire day. Towards the end of the day, you could easily add more of the gel or stick deodorant.

Razor Burn
A stick of deodorant is a terrific way to avoid razor burn on her legs. If she can feel the tingling sting of impending bumps and irritation, applying deodorant will help relieve the stinging and avoid it altogether. Bumps and irritation on the legs can be embarrassing when heading to the beach. With bumps, she’ll wish she stayed home.

Keep Glasses from Slipping
Applying a swipe of deodorant to the bridge of the nose can stop glasses from sliding during hot, humid days. She can avoid pushing glasses up constantly in the heat. Don’t use a spray deodorant so close to the eyes and wash your hands before applying anything to your face to avoid transferring dirt.

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Under Boobs
Any woman who has large boobs understands the sweat that can collect under the breasts. This sweat develops for women with smaller breasts who are wearing a sport bra too. This can become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause serious rashes to develop. Deodorant can help with underwires that chafe too. Use a spray or gel to keep the area dry and apply some to the area of the breasts most impacted by the underwire.

Avoid Chafing
Wearing shorts or a skirt in the heat can cause the inner thighs to rub against each other. This creates chafing that can lead to bumps and a rash if not avoided. Deodorant is a great way to stop the inner thighs from rubbing together. The rash that develops on the inner thighs can be incredibly painful especially if the woman does a lot of walking.

Odor-Free Feet
After a bath or shower at night, apply deodorant to the bottom of the feet to keep them cool and dry. Overnight, the feet won’t sweat and the spray will have time to seep into the feet. When she slips into her shoes the next day, her feet will stay cool and dry for the entire day.

Slip into Skinny Jeans
Finally, she applies deodorant to her legs to slip into skinny jeans. A gel or stick deodorant is the best way to slide those jeans easily up the legs. They’ll also provide relief to the legs while encased in the jeans. She won’t be sweating or sticking inside the material.

When she applies deodorant in unexpected ways, she can avoid embarrassing situations like clammy hands, smelly feet and rashes on her legs or under her breasts. Women will need to make sure that they are not allergic to the ingredients in the deodorant, so try to avoid overwhelming perfumes.


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