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Look at Her Skin After She Gave Up Sugar for a Week

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Look at Her Skin After She Gave Up Sugar for a Week

Look at Her Skin After She Gave Up Sugar for a Week

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These days, many people are looking for ways to optimize the appearance of their skin. If this is the case for you, you may want to quit sugar. Case studies indicate that eliminating this substance from your diet can help optimize your skin in several ways. Here is an example of young woman who gave up sugar for a week to prove changes on herself.

Look at Her Skin After She Gave Up G Sugar for a Week

Lauren Blum’s Story

As noted in Marie Claire, Lauren Blum had been experiencing challenges with her skin for quite some time. Since the age of 13, Blum felt the need to wear foundation and concealer daily to cover skin imperfections. But when her skin challenges grew progressively worse, she began to investigate. In attempting to determine the source of the problem, Blum noted that she had been consuming larger amounts of sugar. In recognizing this dietary change, she decided to give up sugar to see if the shift would positively impact her skin condition.

limit sugar intake

Lauren’s decision to quit sugar generated positive results. During the week that she gave up sugar, Lauren noted that her skin looked renewed. The redness had subsided and she found that there was a luminosity that was not there before. Moreover, her breakouts had vanished. Additionally, Blum noted that she felt less sluggish due to the elimination of sugar crashes.

Look at Her Skin After She Gave Up Sugar for a Week

Sugar And Our Skin: Making The Connection

If you’re looking for motivation to quit sugar, consider the insights found in Huffington Post’s article “Why Sugar Is Just As Bad For Your Skin As It Is For Your Waistline.”When you ingest sugar, the body transforms the carbohydrate into glucose. This causes an insulin spike. The spike results in inflammation throughout the body, and this results in the production of enzymes which break down elastin and collagen. The end result is wrinkles and sagging skin.

Another reason you should quit sugar results from a process called glycation. In this process, digested sugar will permanently attach itself to your skin’s collagen.In addition to exacerbating the signs of aging, glycation can lead to skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. Also note that the greater your sugar intake, the more susceptible you are to developing insulin resistance. This condition can cause body creases, dark patches on the neck, and excessive hair growth.

Which Sugars To Avoid

Once you’ve decided to give up sugar, you may be ready to identify which troublesome foods need to be eliminated from your diet. Some of them include:

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• white bread
• candy
• fried food
• ice cream
• fruit juice
• pasta
• ketchup
• cream cheese
• jam
• pizza
• packaged snacks
• soda

Which Sugars To Eat

When you do eat sugar, be sure that you’re choosing complex carbohydrates that are broken down within the body at a slower rate. This will help preclude you from experiencing an unwanted insulin spike and all of the skin challenges that can result from it. Some of your low-glycemic options include:

• brown rice
• vegetables
• nuts
• whole grains
• beans

Many experts believe that incorporating healthy fats like avocados and olive oil into the diet can also promote youthful, glowing skin.

More Skin Strategies

In addition to utilizing the strategies outlined above, remember that there are several other behavioral changes you can implement to optimize results. For example, stress is linked to generating skin breakouts and can also accelerate the aging process. As such, get in the habit of implementing stress-busting strategies. This can include anything from a monthly massage to daily meditation.

Another great skin strategy is regular exercise. Exercise helps eliminate toxins within the body through perspiration, thereby decreasing the likelihood of breakouts.

Don’t Delay: Quit Sugar Today!

If you’re serious about getting your skin in great condition, you should know that quitting sugar can help you realize your goal. You can refer to the information found in this quick reference guide to get your skin in absolutely amazing condition.

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