How Tantra Techniques Helped With My Eating Disorder

How Tantra Techniques Helped With My Eating Disorder

How Tantra Techniques Helped With My Eating Disorder

Like many others, I didn’t even know that I was suffering from an eating disorder until a medical professional brought it to light. What I learned was that the problems caused by an eating disorder can lead to complications that affect many more things than just body weight. In addition to threatening your health, and eating disorder can affect your emotional well-being as well.

How Tantra Techniques Helped With My Eating Disorder

The statistics are startling. It’s estimated that somewhere between 1% and 4% of all women have suffered from some kind of anorexia in their lifetime. Anorexia is the most commonly fatal of all known mental illnesses in the world, and only a 3rd of those struggling with it ever get treatment.

I knew that I needed to address my problem quickly and effectively, but I had no idea where to start – that was when I learned about the world of Tantra, a philosophy based on awakening the most healthy kinds of energy within the body.

The truth of Tantra

You might have heard of the word “Tantra” before, but you may not know about the deep and rich history that it has as a cornerstone of traditional healing. Tantra, also known as Tantrism is meant to help channel the energy of the “macrocosm” (the world around us) into the smaller “microcosm” of the human body.

“Tantra” roughly translates to “connecting with inner self”. It is related to the Hindu philosophy of taking all different forms of perception, from art and science to music and medicine, to achieve perfect inner balance.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but it soon occurred to me just how Tantra and the ill effects of eating disorders were so closely related. Eating disorders force women to fixate on their mental pain and physical imperfections, which can force us to lose sight of the big picture; Tantric techniques are a wonderful way to regain a healthy perspective on life once again.

Many women are already fully ware of the physical effects that a mentally stressful situation can have on your body. If you’ve ever felt physically nauseous after going through a rough breakup, you’re not alone.

Liberation from dietary demons