Why Chin Whiskers Is the Reason to Get Tested?

Why Chin Whiskers Is the Reason to Get Tested?

Why Chin Whiskers Is the Reason to Get Tested?

For others, periods become heavy and prolonged. Some women also experience an increase in aches and cramps associated with menstruation.

Insulin Resistance

For many women, PCOS also causes sudden insulin resistance, which can lead to things like obesity, especially concentrated in the upper body, and skin tags. Type 2 diabetes is very common in women with PCOS.

Anxiety and Depression

Hormones are responsible for our moods and emotions. PCOS often causes the onset of depression or anxiety due to changes in hormone composition and fluctuation.

Women also experience depression due to changes in their outward appearance not associated with being “female,” including facial hair and weight gain.

I have PCOS. What can I do now?

The first tip to managing PCOS is to make changes to your diet. Certain foods can affect your hormones, and since PCOS affects your insulin levels, it’s important to watch your intake of sugar. To manage insulin levels, foods that are low glycemic are best. Also, leafy greens and fish can help.

Magnesium also benefits women with PCOS. Magnesium is an electrolyte that helps manage metabolism and blood sugar.

Intense exercise is also helpful. You should break a sweat within the first few minutes of a workout. This helps to build muscle which is more efficient in managing metabolism.

It’s important to consult your doctor when you are diagnosed with PCOS so that you can manage you symptoms and keep up to date with your medications. Since every patient is different and presents slightly different symptoms, adjusting the medication regimen may require time.

A doctor can also recommend therapy if depression and anxiety symptoms are pronounced. You may also need to visit an endocrinologist to get the right combination of therapies.

So, if you suddenly gained weight and you feeling depressed, or if you look at the mirror and see chin whiskers on your face – make sure you schedule an appointment with your doctor.

A PCOS diagnosis may feel bad, but it won’t be the end of your world. There are ways to manage both the health symptoms and the effects on physical appearance. You can still live a full, joyful life despite PCOS.