5 Reasons Why Your Spouse Won’t Talk to You

5 Reasons Why Your Spouse Won't Talk to You

5 Reasons Why Your Spouse Won’t Talk to You

Every married duo has occasional difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings to one another. We are all busy people, and relationship maintenance may not always take center stage when all of the other responsibilities that we have overwhelm us. Even though relationships have peaks and valleys, communication breakdowns that continue for several weeks or months can have a serious negative impact and could even cause a separation or divorce. It is very important to discern the cause of the lack of conversation, and strive to fix it together. Here are a few possible reasons why your spouse won’t talk to you.

Reasons Why Your Spouse Won't Talk to You

Unresolved Fights or Disagreements

Lingering anger or frustration might cause some spouses to lash out, but others might simply withdraw into themselves, depending upon how they deal with conflict. Previous fights that were not adequately settled can be a major source of tension for couples; by working together every few weeks to address the issue and attempt a resolution, both spouses recognize that the other one cares and is actively attempting to solve the problem. This honesty and transparency can go a long way, and will at least succeed in forcing the unresponsive spouse to talk about their needs and desires.

Inappropriate or Boring Conversation Topics

Married couples rarely think of how to address each other in conversation; they assume that after so many years together, words will flow naturally. This is simply not true. If your conversations with your spouse all revolve around family problems, your children, your house and your jobs, the desire for conversation may diminish. Couples who are stunted conversationally should try to talk often about common interests, or recent TV shows and movies that were watched together. Talking about hopes and dreams, or even about childhood memories, can help spur interesting and wide-ranging conversations that explore a number of different topics near and dear to the other person’s heart.

Personal Problems or Depression

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