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Foods for Hypothyroidism

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Foods for Hypothyroidism

Foods for Hypothyroidism

So you’ve been diagnosed with a sluggish thyroid, and you’re wondering what comes next. There are some dietary additions and subtractions that can help regain your thyroid’s optimal balance, and can help reduce your symptoms. Here we give you a list of food for hypothyroidism.

Foods for Hypothyroidism

Foods that are rich in iodine are very beneficial, think shellfish and seaweed. Coconut oil helps regulate your thyroid and boost your metabolism, it also helps with the dry skin and dandruff common with hypothyroidism. Foods rich in fiber have amazing benefits. Eating several small meals as compared to 2 or 3 large ones also helps keep things on an even keel. Organic butter, cod liver oil, and eggs are also good for you. Brown rice, onion, spinach, asparagus, bananas, whole grains, oatmeal, oily fish, sunflower seeds, and apricots are all good choices.


Foods to limit include broccoli, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, peaches, pears, cabbage, strawberries, flax, kale and turnips. These are healthy foods, but they can inhibit absorption of iodine, which is needed by those with hypothyroidism.

Foods to eliminate completely include non-fermented soy products, anything processed or packaged, and white flours.


An iodine-rich sea salt and supplements of selenium and zinc will also help regulate your thyroid. This is not intended to replace the advice of your health care professional, but to work with it, for maximum benefit.

Foods for Hypothyroidism
[Last updated on June 26th 2014]

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