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10 Things To Never Give Up Because Of A Relationship

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10 Things To Never Give Up Because Of A Relationship

10 Things To Never Give Up Because Of A Relationship

Relationships are hard and take a lot of work but, with the right knowledge; we all can have a Happy and Healthy relationship. Here is a list of 10 things to never give up because of a relationship:

1. Your Self-esteem/ Confidence/ Self-belief
We Should never forget who we are and what our goals and ambitions are in life. A healthy relationship should give us a sense of security to be able to be all that we can be.

2. Your Independence- personal and financial
Even if your in the best relationship in the world it is always important to value yourself and have some time enjoying the things you like to do even if your partner doesn’t share the same interest. Also You should have some financial security and a separate bank account, knowing you have that security and choose to stay in a relationship gives you the certainty that your in that relationship for all the right reasons.

3. Your right to decide for yourself- Freedom of choice
Nobody appreciate people criticizing them regarding every little matter or trying to control their every move. People have the right to choose for themselves and the dynamics of the relationship should be a win- win situation.

4. Your right to be you
Everybody changes a certain amount when in a relationship however; it is essential not to loose your own identity. If someone really cares for you they will love and adore the real you rather than trying to change you.

5. Your Happiness
Sometimes the fear of being alone tricks us into staying in a relationship that makes us miserable; this is the worse thing we can do to ourselves, if you feel unhappy and unappreciated you should take a good look at the relationship that you in.

10 Things To Never Give Up Because Of A Relationship

6. Your dreams and goals
You should never give up on your dreams for the sake of a relationship; if someone stands between you and your dreams it only shows how insecure they are. In happy relationships partners encourage each other to fulfill their dreams.

7. Existing relationships that are important to you
Your partner should respect you and your existing relationships with your close friends; they shouldn’t show any negativity towards your friends or try to prevent you from continuing your friendship. Good friends are hard to come by these days and we should cherish the ones we have.

great friendships

8. Your self-respect
Sometimes in a relationship we cross self-respecting boundaries that should have never been crossed. If you allow yourself to be treated in a disrespectful way this is a major red flag that this relationship is not good for you. You should never allow anybody to treat you in a disrespectful way.

relationship and self respect

9. Your Identity- don’t morph into your partner too much and lose yourself in the process
In a relationship we try to become more and more like our partner their habits, interest and etc… there is nothing wrong with this process as this helps with the bonding process however, when one takes on too many characteristics of their partner they start to loose their own identity and stop making decisions on their own resulting in loosing their true identity.

10. Your decision-making power
As a couple we tend to loose the ability of making a decision on are own and choose to make all the decisions with the help of our partner. I agree that the important decisions should be made together however, the small day to day decisions can be done without the input of both parties. This way we get to keep some of our decision making independence without it having a negative effect on our relationship.

10 Things To Never Give Up Because Of A Relationship
[Last Updated on June 9th 2014]

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