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The Right Way to Clean Lady Bits

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The Right Way to Clean Lady Bits

The Right Way to Clean Lady Bits

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If you think this article is going to be about your cat, you may want to move along. Those interested in learning the best way to clean lady bits, however, should grab a chair and get comfortable, because that is exactly what we’re about to discuss. Proper cleaning reduces your risk of yeast infection and helps keep unwanted odors at bay. There is a right way wash, however, so here is some guidance for those who have just been winging it up until now.

The Right Way to Clean Lady Bits

Stop Douching

While the makers of women’s hygiene products would like you to think you need them, you don’t. The first step to health below the belt is is to step away from the douches and any other cleansers that get inserted anywhere. Like a pet cat, your lady bits are extremely adept at cleaning itself and maintains a very specific pH to deter bacteria. Douching changes this pH and can lead to yeast infections and other problems.


Instead of douching, simply wash your lady bits when you are in the shower. Use a mild, fragrance-free soap to gently wash all the folds of the labia. Don’t scrub and keep all of your washing thorough but external. Avoid the body washes and heavily dyed soaps you may use on other parts of your body as this is much more delicate skin. Be sure to rinse thoroughly when you’re done.

…And Dry

After a shower, dry yourself thoroughly before getting dressed or putting on any underwear. Dressing while damp promotes bacterial growth. Bacterial growth leads to yeast infections, unpleasant smells and other issues that are best avoided.

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Right Way to Clean Lady Bits

Change Your Pants

Whether you’ve just been to the gym or simply went outside on a day hot enough to make the devil sigh, don’t sit around in your sweaty pants and clean lady bits. Change your underwear and pants after working up a sweat so you’re not sitting in a puddle of your own moisture. Leaving your yoga pants on might feel good in the now but won’t later if you get a bacterial infection.

Play It Safe

Protection in the bedroom is important to below the belt cleanliness. Always use protection when there is any possibility of contracting an STD. It is also a good idea to urinate both before and after the magical event to remove any bacteria that could be lurking in your lady bits. Flushing the ares will prevent any bacteria that may be present from getting pushed into your body and causing problems. If you can, work a bathroom stop in on your way to the bedroom.

The basic keys to cleanliness are simply to always use mild soap, be gentle and keep your cleaning efforts external. Your body will do the rest for you much like a self-cleaning oven. If you experience unusual discharge, itching, burning or other problems consult your physician rather than going on a cleaning spree. These problems indicate that something is wrong and are not a cry for a little housekeeping.

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