12 Body Signals About Liver Damage

Liver damage can go unchecked for years, and the cumulative damage can eventually lead to total failure. It’s the largest internal organ, and it needs your help to remain healthy. The liver can regenerate, and it’s highly resilient. This means that it can continue functioning even when it’s seriously damaged. Learning how to watch for key warning signs is vital in order to keep the liver healthy and functioning properly.


Chronic Swelling of the Stomach

A pronounced belly may not be the result of overeating. It could be abdominal swelling caused by liver problems. If you look and feel like you’re several months pregnant, then the liver could be to blame. If your stomach is enlarging due to liver problems, then it will be hard to the touch.

Belly Pain

If you’re living with pain just below your right ribs, then a trip to the doctor is in order. This pain comes along with liver problems, and it can become so intense that it’s hard to simply sit still.

Right Shoulder Pain

It’s also possible to experience pain in your right shoulder as the result of liver problems. This mainly occurs when cancer is present in the liver and a tumor is growing. As the tumor increases in mass and puts pressure on the nearby nerves. This can press on one that links back to the shoulder. If the shoulder pain is related to your liver, then you may induce hiccups by putting pressure on the stomach.

Throwing Up On a Regular Basis

It becomes more difficult for your body to process food and liquids as the liver fails. This results in constant stress in your system. In addition to pain and swelling, you may also feel sick to your stomach. Eventually, you’ll start to vomit on a regular basis.

Mysterious Bruises

Your liver produces proteins needed for blood clotting. As it starts to struggle, the protein level drops, and you may start to bruise and bleed more easily.

Regular Exhaustion

If you can count on feeling tired and lethargic every day, you might be dealing with liver problems. As waste builds in the liver, it can lead to lower oxygen levels and leave you feeling tired all the time.