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4 Steps To Removing Blackheads From Your Nose

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4 Steps To Removing Blackheads From Your Nose

4 Steps To Removing Blackheads From Your Nose

Now that summer is officially here, many makeup-clad people are opting for lighter coverage that won’t smudge, run, or clog their pores in this hot and humid weather, and nothing can put a damper on a fresh-faced look quite like blackheads. Fortunately, there are options to deal with this less than desirable issue. Here’re four steps to removing blackheads from your nose.

4 Steps To Removing Blackheads From Your Nose

Contrary to popular belief, blackheads are not actually trapped dirt, but the result of the oxidation of sebum once the clogged pore has opened and been exposed to air. Those little black dots you see just under the surface of your skin are actually a form of non-inflammatory acne, meaning, a clogged pore that white blood cells simply have not inflamed (hence the lack of a red bump, pimple or cyst…YET!)

Like all types of acne, the true source of blackheads is an overproduction of sebum, and the most common culprit is the hormonal imbalance that actually over stimulates the production of sebum. If the nature of blackheads is internal, they also must be treated from within in order to achieve long-term results, which AcnEase users get to experience firsthand!

So, about removing blackheads
Most people immediately want to poke, pick or squeeze blackheads from their pores, which can result in irritation, infection, and larger breakouts or even sub-dermal cysts. Instead of letting those fingers do the work, which will without a doubt do more harm than good, adopt a much more effective process. This simple, four-step removing blackheads routine targets the problem of blackheads at the source, while simultaneously helping the surface of the skin by cleaning pores without creating an infection and/or larger inflammation.

Step One: Exfoliate
When treating the skin, it’s always important to start with a clean surface. By lightly exfoliating the nose and surrounding area, you can be sure to remove dirt, debris or residue that may further clog pores and foster inflammation. Try a quick affordable and effective blackhead fighting mixture of your own using some warm water, salt and lemon juice. Using circular motions, cleanse the skin for about 5 minutes and let it sit on your skin for another 5 minutes – then gently wash off with warm water.

Step Two: Steam
Now that the skin is clean, we can go in and really open up those pores with some warm steam. Bring about 2 cups of water to a boil, then remove from heat and transfer into a large bowl. Add 2 full tablespoons of dry chamomile or 2-3 organic chamomile tea bags. Drape a towel over your head to trap any steam to allow those warm and soothing vapors to open up those pores, sweating out any toxins in the process. Do this for about 5-10 minutes, rinse your face with warm water, then pat dry.

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Step Three: Pore Strips
Deep-cleaning pore strips are among the more popular methods to remove blackheads from the surface of the skin, and can easily be created at home with a few simple ingredients you probably already have lying around – egg white, and a paper towel. Simply cut a small section of paper towel, just large enough to fit over the nose, and allow it to soak in the white of one egg in a small bowl. Place the soaked strip over the nose, rubbing it onto the skin with your fingers, and allow to dry for approximately 10-15 minutes or until hard to the touch, and peel off of skin. Rinse with a half and half mixture of cool water and witch hazel, pat dry, and apply your favorite toner or non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Step Four: Treat Internally
This step may not be as immediately gratifying as extracting those little black bumps from your skin, but this one is essential in achieving long-term results and preventing new blackheads from forming in the future. Since there is no actual dirt or debris to remove from the pore, taking preventative measures by treating the problem from within, at the sebaceous glands, remains the most effective way to maintain the healthiest skin possible. A combination treatment that addresses the problem from within, as well as along the surface, is the best possible option of removing blackheads. Always be sure to opt for non-comedogenic formulas when it comes to makeup, lotions, and sunscreens, and remember to resist the temptation to squeeze!

VIDEO- How To Remove Blackheads: Skin Care

We want to hear from you! Do you have a go-to blackhead treatment that never fails? Tell us in the comments!

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