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10 Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Workout

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10 Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Workout

10 Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Workout
By PositiveMed team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson
Reviewed By Nima Shei MD.

If you are working out daily, sweating it out at the gym, but the results you want elude you, there must be something wrong. There are certain basic guidelines to exercise, if not followed they can lead to your hard work and sweat going down the drain. Below is a list of common mistakes people make that sabotage their workout:

10 Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Workout

1. Not warming up
Not completing a proper warm-up before working out is one of the most common mistakes people make. We often ignore warm-up sessions which leads to lack of effectiveness of our workout. Experts state working out without a proper warm-up can lead to muscle tears which are painful and slow to heal. Lack of warm-up also prevents elasticity which is important for proper body movements.

2. Drinking too much or little water during workout
Most people drink a lot of water during a workout or none at all. Sipping the appropriate amount of water is essential as it maintains the balance of nutrients in the body and protects us from dehydration from sweat. Drinking too much water will make you feel full and over-hydration makes it difficult to exercise.

3. Working out alone
Research shows sometimes people think they know enough about themselves and their bodies to exercise without help or advice. A personal trainer has studied this at great length and is well able to help you develop a personal plan that works for you. Sometimes their services are provided by the gym as a free service, other times there is a nominal fee, consider one or two sessions at least.

4. Over Training
Training longer than 50-55 minutes leads to adrenaline loss, muscle fatigue, and lack of performance. People believe that the more calories they burn the better. While exercise and pushing yourself is important, overdoing it can hurt you.

5. Not eating enough
Not eating the right amounts of the correct foods is one thing that can stop you from getting into the shape you desire. Those who exercise to lose weight often think that eating less will make the process faster, this is not true. Here is a list of foods to eat before and after your workout sessions.

6. Lack of sleep
Studies show that when we sleep our bodies release hormones such as IGF-7 that help build muscle and burn fat. Getting a good 7-8 hour sleep is important. It will refresh your body and help you relax.

7. Talking too much at the gym
Some people socialize too much at the gym. While socializing is good, doing it while working out increase the time you spend relaxing between sets. Too much rest time is not recommended as it cools the body and leads to a slower metabolism.

8. Avoiding resistance training
It’s a popular belief that cardio workouts are more effective for losing weight, this is a myth. Resistance training and intense weight training help maintain muscles and burn fat. These exercises help improve metabolism by building muscle which burns more calories.

9. Copying others
Many people copy what others do in the gym. Understand that every person has different limits and body types. The person you copy may have different goals and may not be using proper form. Trying to lift the same weight as others is a bad habit that can cause injury.
Pre-workout snack
Eating the right pre-workout snack is as important as the post-workout snack. Doing so gives you the energy to perform better and keeps you energized. Pre-workout snacks ensure your fuel supply remains active during the entire workout so that you do not feel exhausted.

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