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7 Reasons of Not-Amorous Wedding Night

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7 Reasons of Not-Amorous Wedding Night

Did you know that over half of newlyweds don’t make love on their wedding night? In times past, that would almost be considered a sin. Couples used to look forward with shaking anticipation for the night they were married. It used to be a night that was dreamed about by both women and men, and it was a night filled with romance after finally saying, “I do.” In today’s day and age, however, couples are reporting numerous reasons why they are not doing the deed on their wedding night.

7 Reasons of Not-Amorous Wedding Night

Reason #1: Not Enough Time

How can this be a reason when making love doesn’t have to take much time? Simple. Nowadays, couples are having big, extravagant weddings where all of their family and friends fly in from remote places. If someone is traveling far and wide to see you get married, then you have to spend some time with them on your wedding day. This can make for a very long day of hugging and greeting all of the out-of-town guests, and by the end of the day, you have run out of time for anything but sleep. This leads to the next big reason why couples aren’t making love on their wedding nights.

Reason #2: They are too Tired

Although this may be a normal excuse for people to get out of making love, it has become a very valid excuse for couples on their wedding night. The day of a wedding is a very long day. Many brides wake up way before dawn to start getting ready.

There is so much preparation and coordinating to do, and not to mention that getting married is also emotionally draining. Plus, after all of that preparation and going through the ceremony, then comes the all-night drinking and dancing at the reception. Many couples don’t make it to bed until way after midnight. So, if anyone gets a pass on doing the deed, it’s a newlywed!

Reason #3: Fighting

Let’s face it, weddings are stressful to plan. All that stress comes to a head on the day of the wedding where there is always something to go wrong or add more stress to the plate. Couples end up running around trying to please all the family members and friends, and somewhere in the shuffle, the wrong words get said to the wrong person and a fight ensues either among family and friends or between the bride and groom. What is supposed to be a happy day ends up in angry tears, and guess what? No whoopie.


Reason #4: Alcohol

Is it a good idea to get drunk on your wedding day? Do you want that day to be a blur of drunken activity where you don’t remember what you said or did? Most people would say that they want to remember the day that they just spent the last year planning and that cost $20,000, but then you see these same people taking 5 shots of tequila even before the ceremony!

By the end of the reception, many brides and grooms are 3 sheets to the wind and end up passing out on the bed at 3 a.m. No amount of romance can stir a drunk person who has passed out. Alcohol can also lead to arguments, as mentioned in reason # 3. For some true stories about how alcohol can ruin your wedding night, go to this website.

Reason #5: They Want to Wait Till the Next Morning

About a third of couples say that they planned to wait until the next morning. They knew that all that takes place on a wedding day would wear them out, so they wanted to wait until the next morning or another perfect moment to consummate the marriage. This makes sense to want to be totally present with each other and not distracted by all of the stress of a wedding day.

Reason #6: They’ve Already Made Love

The wedding night just isn’t what it used to be. According to a survey by YouGov who surveyed 711 adults, 100% of those surveyed said that they had a closeness with their partners or with others before their wedding night. Wow! That’s a huge statistic. So, it is no big let down if couples decide not to have love act the night of their wedding. For other statistical data, read an article on this website.

Reason #7: Time of the Month

Four percent of brides to have an unfortunate period problem on their wedding day. Pair that with all the other reasons listed above and there will be absolutely no nooky to be gotten!

Times aren’t like they used to be with couples daydreaming of making love by the fireplace after a romantic bubble bath and some wine. The actual reality of a wedding day means there may be no place for making love. Good thing couples have a lifetime to make up for it!

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