8 Signs of Teen Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore

8 Signs of Teen Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

8 Signs of Teen Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore

Unfortunately, many of the typical signs of depression are also behaviors of any normal teenager. This may make it difficult to decide if your child is suffering from depression or if they are going through their normal teen years and exhibiting typical behavior. Adolescent depression is rapidly increasing. As many as 20% of teens suffer from clinical depression. Here are eight signs of teen depression and some things you can do to help them fix the problem.

1. Your child has more bad days than good days.

This may not only include feelings of sadness. A teenager may experience depression with feelings of anger, irritability, or agitation above feelings of sadness. If a teenager seems to be experiencing these symptoms on most days for at least two weeks, there may be signs of an issue.

2. There is a loss of interest in normal activity.

Every teenager has a hobby or something they love to participate in that takes up their time outside of school. If a child was once very active in soccer, for example, but then begins to lose interest in the sport or doesn’t find joy in it anymore, they may be suffering from depression. This is called anhedonia and it is essentially the loss of pleasure or inability to feel pleasure.

3. Your child always wants to be alone.

While your child may have once been social and drawn towards other people if a teenager becomes depressed, he or she may withdraw from social activities and opt to spend more time alone.

4. Your teen begins to fail.