7 Reasons to Consume Mango Peels

7 Reasons to Consume Mango Peels

7 Reasons to Consume Mango Peels

Healthy foods are not always known for being the most tasty, but mangos are both a great source of many beneficial nutrients and happen to be incredibly delicious. There are a particularly high concentration of vitamins, antioxidants and other helpful substances in the peel of the fruit. This is because it has adapted to protect the fruit from a variety of threats like mold or fungal infections, viruses, bacteria and parasites. When ingested, some of the compounds contained in the peel will serve to protect the cells and tissues in a similar fashion, promoting better health in a number of areas. Consuming mango peels can assist with regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol levels, aid digestion and ease constipation, get weight and skin problems under control, reduce inflammation and may even help prevent various types of cancer.

Consuming Mango Peels

Mediating Blood Sugar

Mango peels are known to help reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood and maintain normal levels of insulin. How this is done is not fully understood yet, but sugar absorption in the intestines is reduced and it is suspected a compound called mangiferin is at work in the process. The glycemic index of the mango fruit is also relatively low and do not cause the glucose levels to jump when eaten in moderate amounts.

Improving Cholesterol Levels

Not all cholesterol is bad, but high levels of LDL can lead to cardiovascular problems and other health issues. The soluble fiber and pectin in mango peels lowers the lipid levels in the blood, which helps prevent hardening of the arterial walls.

Lowering Risk of Cancer

Mango peels can help prevent certain types of cancer, including breast, colon and prostate cancer. The high concentration of antioxidants like polyphenols and others help remove harmful free radicals from the cells and tissue. These cause damage to repair mechanisms in the cell and can lead to unregulated and ultimately malignant growth.

Reducing Inflammation

Another great benefit provided by mango peels is their anti-inflammatory effect. Increased inflammation is associated with a number of different illnesses, many of which can be minimized or avoided if the initial inflammation can be brought under control. The carotenoids and phenolic compounds in mango peels suppress the inflammation response and have strong antimicrobial properties that help stave off infections.

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