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8 Important Talks You Need to Have About $ex

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8 Important Talks You Need to Have About $ex

An important talks about the lovemaking with your partner can be awkward. However, coitus is a very big part of a relationship, and you and your partner need to be able to talk about it openly. This can be difficult, though. This is especially difficult when there’s a problem to discuss. However, here are some tips to have a conversation with your partner about the bedroom.

1. Clarify your definitions of a “healthy love life”.
It’s important to be on the same page. Talk to your significant other about what they think is healthy and give your definition, too. One of you may think that twice a month is healthy while the other thinks anything less than two times a week is unhealthy. Also, compromise and redefine “healthy love life” to suit both of your needs if there is any discrepancy.

2. Keep the conversation light and fun.
This can be an awkward conversation. Try to make it as light as possible. This can be very dependent on your tone. Feel free to make jokes. Also, be sure to have this conversation outside of the bedroom.

3. Speak up.
You need to speak up about your needs and desires. Your partner can’t read your mind, and you need to let them know if you want them to know something. People can be afraid to express their needs in this particular area, and you shouldn’t be afraid. This is your partner, and you should be able to tell them anything.

4. Listen.
One of the biggest mistakes people make during a hard conversation is to forget to listen to the other person’s concerns. Your partner may have things that they would like to discuss, too. Open your ears and be ready to listen just as much as you want your partner to listen.

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5. Open your mind.
Your life in the bedroom won’t always be exciting. In fact, one of the biggest problems for a couple in this area is the fact that the spark can start to dwindle. One way to help reignite the spark is to open your mind and be open to trying new and different things. Even if it’s not something that you come to enjoy, you can at least have the experience of trying something new with your partner.

6. Consider therapy.
Many couples can benefit from couples therapy with a therapist who specializes in helping couples in the bedroom. This doesn’t have to mean that your lovemaking moments are not great. It simply means that you’ve come to a point where some advice can make things even better. This can be int!midating to many couples. One way to get your partner to consider this is to bring up just trying it.

7. Work on Non$exual Connection
Many times issues in the bedroom come from another place. Just like putting a band-aid over a broken bone isn’t going to help, look to find the true source of the problem. Are you feeling disconnected in your relationship? Make a point to have a date night. If this is difficult, just spend time talking a bit before bed.

If you are feeling unattractive, buy some lingerie and maybe start working out to make yourself feel better in and out of the bedroom. If things are getting dull, try to spice things up with an exotic vacation, dancing, or something dangerous like skydiving with your partner. That is sure to bring the excitement back!

8. Kiss and Cuddle
Don’t focus on lovemaking. Focus on closeness. When was the last time that you and your partner just spent a night making out? It brings back the passion that might have depleted with time. Also, spend time cuddling. Get caught up in each other’s arms again.

Every couple needs to be able to discuss their bedroom life. This is a conversation that will come up at some point in every relationship. It can be awkward, though. Use these tips to make the conversation much easier.

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