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How Safe is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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How Safe is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Ever since Sir Mix-A-Lot topped the charts with “Baby Got Back,” big butts have been in style. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have changed the attitude toward butts to be “the bigger the better.” Most people who want a bigger derriere hit the gym to do some squats. Lately though, more people are turning to plastic surgery to fill out their jeans. From 2014 to 2015, the demand for Brazilian Butt Lifts went up 36%. But, how safe is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Butt Lift

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

First let’s examine the procedure-just what is a Brazilian Butt Lift? It’s a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape or increase the size of someone’s butt. Brazilian Butt lifts combine liposuction and fat grafting, moving fat from one place to another.

What Does the Surgery Offer?

Butt augmentation offers a balanced figure and a better self-image. It gives women the opportunity to use unwanted fat from the back and thighs to create a solid bottom. Without slaving away at the gym, women can receive results in no time.

How Safe is the Brazilian Butt Lift? What are the Side Effects?

General anesthetic is used, so all risks associated with being put to sleep apply. The most common side effects are uneven cheeks and removal of more fat than was necessary. However, those are the easy-to-live-with side effects.

There are many features that make the Brazilian Butt Lift different, and that’s where the real risks come in. As opposed to just having fat removed, fat is reinjected into the body. This causes a risk of fat embolism, a situation where fat is improperly placed and ends up in a blood vessel. Through the blood vessel, fat can travel to the lungs and cause death.

Septic shock and infection are concerns. In the case of model Andressa Urach, complications from thigh injections caused her legs to start rotting. A septic shock infection almost took her life. The experience was so scary that she has vowed to stop having plastic surgery altogether.

Brazilian Butt Lift

How Safe is the Brazilian Butt Lift?


You may have heard some Brazilian Butt Lift horror stories like this one from Gossip Magazine. Cases like this are extremely rare, but are a potential risk of the procedure.

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How Long Do the Effects of the Surgery Last?

The results of a Brazilian Butt Lift are not always consistent once surgery is over. Fat cells die, so the size and shape of the bottom right after surgery may not stay the same. As fat cells die, patients can be left with a bottom that isn’t as round or firm as they expected. It’s a big chance to take, especially since there’s no guarantee of permanence.

How is it Different from Other Surgeries?

The demand for this surgery is on the rise.  Surgery.org reports a 58% increase in requests for Brazilian Butt Lifts in a one year time period. That’s higher than any other cosmetic surgery.

The other difference is the fact that this is a combination surgery. Fat isn’t just being removed; it’s put somewhere else in the body. Due to this fact, not everyone is eligible for this type of surgery. Those who are too thin aren’t eligible because they don’t have enough fat. Overweight people might not qualify due to the increased risk of having surgery when carrying extra pounds.

It’s also extremely important to seek an experienced plastic surgeon when receiving a Brazilian Butt Lift. Due to this surgery being relatively new, not every surgeon knows how to perform it correctly. An inexperienced surgeon increases the risks of infection, fat embolisms, asymmetrical work, and death.

Are Brazilian Butt Lifts Worth the Risks?

Every person has to make that decision for themselves. However, the cons list for this particular surgery is pretty long and includes:

 Risk of death
 Results that may not last
 Results that may look visibly altered due to asymmetry
 Risks associated with anesthetic
 Problems finding an experienced surgeon
 Expensive

How Expensive is the Procedure?

If you’re considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, you should start saving now. Depending on the surgeon, the procedure can cost as much as $11,000.

Brazilian Butt Lift Statistics

According to this piece from NBC News Brazilian Butt Lifts have steadily risen in popularity since 2012.

-The procedure is still 30 times less popular than breast augmentation. It’s also not as popular as liposuction.

-According to the article above, many men are getting the procedure done, too.


Final Thoughts:

If you want a firm, sculpted backside, a Brazilian Butt Lift is definitely an option. However, a safer, proven method is diet and exercise. Squats, yoga, pilates, and many other workouts are tailored to lifting and toning the bottom. These options come with less risks and are much less expensive. Pass on the surgery and start those squats!

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