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6 Yoga Poses for Firm Breasts

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6 Yoga Poses for Firm Breasts

Time takes its toll on everyone’s body, and breasts are no exception. Firmness, elasticity, and lift all gradually cease with age, and those not wishing to go under the knife may feel like there’s nothing they can do about it. However, various types of exercise and activity, particularly yoga, have proven to be extremely beneficial in improving breast shape and firmness. Here are 6 tried-and-true yoga poses that will firm breasts in no time:

1. Cobra Pose.

Bhujangasana, otherwise known as the Cobra Pose, increases lung volume and strengthens the abdominal muscles, providing excellent posture and support to the chest. Lie down on your stomach and inhale deeply, then slowly raise your torso up while keeping your lower body on the floor. Keep your balance firmly on your arms and legs and lift your head up. Exhale slowly and return to starting position, increasing the length of time you hold the pose.

2. Warrior Pose.

Virabhadrasana, or the Warrior Pose, works to extend your thorax, strengthening elasticity. Placing your feet wide apart, turn your left foot at a 90-degree angle and your right foot to the inside. Exhale, then bend your left knee while keeping your right leg straight. Raise your arms in line with your shoulders and turn your head to the left, focusing on your wrist. Repeat 7-10 times, then perform on the right side.

3. Bridge Pose. This pose is ideal for stretching the chest muscles and keeping them flexible. Keeping your knees bent in front of you and your arms beneath you, lift up your torso while arching your back. Try to keep your head down, and hold it for as long as possible.


4. Shirshasana (or headstand).

This yoga pose increases breast firmness while improving the shape and, when combined with deep breathing, increases the circulation of blood to the lymphatic system, which sustains breast health. Place your knees on the ground and sit on your soles, locking the fingers of both your hands. Make your elbows into a triangle shape and keep them on the ground. Bend forward and place the middle of your hand on the ground where your fingers are locked, then straighten your legs. Try to maintain your balance, and keep it focused on the head. Fold your knee, then the legs, and slowly place your soles on the ground, returning to starting position.

5. Bow Pose.

Also called Dhanurasana, this pose is great if you not only want to firm your breasts but build up your bust size. Lie down flat on your stomach, hands near your torso, with your palms facing up. Exhale and bend your knees inward. Gripping your ankles with your arms, pull your feet towards your shoulders. Inhale, then lift your thighs up. Raise your head and chest so that only your stomach is in contact with the ground. Hold for at least 5 breaths.

6. Plank.

Planks are part of the sun salutation series, and work several parts of the body at once, making them a powerhouse yoga pose. Besides toning the torso, back, and arms, planks strengthen the pectoral muscles that support breasts and keep them from sagging. Lie down on your stomach and lift up your body on both hands, keeping your forearms flat on the ground. (If it helps, ball up your fists.) Keep your body straight, and be sure not to bend your spine. Count as many reps as you would for push-ups.

The golden rule of thumb is to use those yoga asanas or poses which will make your breasts work against gravity. This will help to tone the muscles supporting the breasts and hence, help to firm up the breasts. With a little time and patience, you can restore your breasts to their firmer-and former-days of glory, the natural way.

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