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The 5:2 Diet Plan to Beat Diabetes

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The 5:2 Diet Plan to Beat Diabetes

The 5:2 Diet Plan to Beat Diabetes

Are you either a pre-diabetic or already a diabetic and looking to become healthy again? Well, if you are, you may be relieved to know that there is a particular diet out there that has helped many people solve their health issues. It is called the 5:2 diet. “How is the 5:2 diet plan effective in helping to beat diabetes?”, you may ask. The answer will come to light.

5-2 Diet- What Should Be on Your Plate to Beat Diabetes

All About Diabetes
In order to fully understand how the 5:2 diet works, you first need to know what diabetes is. Diabetes is a life-threatening disease that results when the body is not making the insulin that it needs to break down carbohydrates from food, which turns into glucose. In healthy individuals with moderate insulin levels, when carbohydrates are consumed, the pancreas automatically breaks down the carbohydrates, turns it into glucose, and passes it to the bloodstream for the cells to use to gain energy.

However, in pre-diabetics or diabetics, the inability to not make enough insulin or not make at all causes raised glucose blood levels. This can be dangerous for the body and its many organs and tissues. High glucose levels are known to be linked to obesity. That is why it is essential for diabetics to watch what they eat because their bodies do not produce the necessary insulin to break down sugar from foods, which is mainly found in unhealthy food. Now that is where the 5:2 diet comes into play.

The 5:2 Diet
Being diabetic and still living a healthy life is possible with the 5:2 diet. This particular diet is defined as an eating pattern that involves fasting. What is it meant by fasting? It means that for any five days out of the week, you are allowed to eat normally; any healthy food that is low in carbohydrates but not necessarily low-fat is the plan. On the remaining two days, cut the calorie intake to only five hundred calories each day.

How To Do The 5:2 Diet Plan
To successfully do this 5:2 diet, go into it in steps.

Step 1: Put your mind into it. Start the process by telling yourself that you can do it and nothing will stop. Additionally, give yourself a motivation method by telling yourself that if you follow through with this specific diet plan, you will see the benefits in the long run.

Step 2: Choose any five days out of the week that you will eat normally and choose the other two days that you will cut back on calories.

Step 3: Start the dieting. Write in a journal all of the low-carb and low-fat foods that you will be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and stick to the plan.

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This is how the diet plan may look:

On each of the five days of normal eating, you can choose your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner combination from any low-carb food selection. However, it does not need to be low-fat.


Breakfast: medium bowl of porridge, almonds, sunflower seeds made with water, Greek style full fat yoghurt, mixed berries, pumpkin seeds, two egg omelets, one piece of pumpernickel toast, half an avocado, and toasted rye.

Lunch: mixed fish sushi, edamame beans, miso soup, Poached salmon, small potato salad, mixed leaf bag salad, chicken Caesar salad, snapped peas, buckwheat soba noodles, 450 grams of fresh chicken, vegetable soup, and rye crackers

Dinner: fillet steak, potatoes, French beans, whole grilled sea bass, roasted root vegetables, tofu, fish pie, and salmon.

On the other two days, your low calorie restriction diet may resemble:

Breakfast: one banana, 100 grams of Greek style natural yogurt, skim milk, and poached eggs.

Lunch and Dinner: small grilled chicken breast, salad, grilled falafel, cucumber, tomato salad, grilled mushroom, lentils, artichoke hearts, stir-fried king prawns, grated ginger and chilli, and brown rice.


Step 4: Do not stop or give up! Continue the healthy eating plan.

How Is This Diet Effective For Diabetics
Well, as you can see, the food examples listed for both the five normal eating days and the two days of restricted eating are all low in carbohydrates. This 5:2 diet proves successful because it is allowing both pre-diabetics and diabetics to acquire healthy eating habits without risking and threatening the disease further. By all of the foods being low-carb, the pancreas will have an easier time breaking down whatever little carbohydrate that is consumed. Consequently, the risk of the diabetes progressing, or even worsening, and leading to fatality is minimal.

The Study

Dr. Michael Mosley
Dr. Michael Mosley, author of You CAN eat to beat diabetes – so why isn’t the NHS telling you how? The man behind the revolutionary 5:2 diet reveals exactly what should be on YOUR plate, explains in his article that there has been studies conducted that proved that the best diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

The study began in 2003 when 7,400 Spaniards with diabetes were put on either a low-fat diet or a high in fat and low in carbohydrate diet. At the end of the trial, the high in fat and low in carbohydrate group showed that deaths from heart disease and stroke decreased by thirty percent and the chances of becoming a diabetic decreased by fifty percent (2016).

No Need To Fear Diabetes Any Longer!
Therefore, taking this study into account, it is proven that the 5:2 diet is a successful method in beating your diabetes. You do not need to live in fear about this disease any longer. All it takes is putting it into action and sticking to it. Good luck!

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