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Weird Love Act That Kills Hundreds Of Men

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Weird Love Act That Kills Hundreds Of Men

Weird Love Act That Kills Hundreds Of Men

Some people are willing to accept a little risk for a potential reward, but it is sometimes hard to evaluate when the danger is too great to try something new. This weird love act kills hundreds of men every year. Auto@rotic asphyxiation is an act largely performed by men that supposedly has extraordinary results. Even those who like to “try anything once” should avoid this as one time could be fatal. Here is some information about this act, why people try it and what makes it so harmful.


The Act That Kills

Auto@rotic asphyxiation combines choking and m@sturbation to enhance the experience of climaxing. This produces a heightened response because slowing the flow of oxygen to the brain can produce love stimulation and euphoria. A person engages in this behavior by finding a way to cut off his air supply, which could involve tying a belt or rope around the neck or putting something over the head. The problem with this is that depriving oneself of oxygen for too long is dangerous, and people are not always able to free themselves and end up suffocating.

Increased Risks

While it is not recommended to limit one’s oxygen intake for prolonged periods of times even with a partner, this activity is more dangerous because it is done alone. It is very easy for this to get out of control as one can lose consciousness and pass out. This means the airway remains cutoff longer than one intends and becomes deadly. Combining self asphyxiation with drugs or alcohol makes it even more likely that something may go wrong.

Understanding Why

Determining how many people die from auto@rotic asphyxiation is difficult as it might look similar to a suicide, but somewhere between 500-1,000 Americans could die every year because of this practice. Most people who try auto@rotic asphyxiation are not suicidal and are simply trying to achieve a unique kind of high, and some people may not be aware of the risks while others think they can prevent accidents from taking place.

Trying to put protections in place does not mean one will not be harmed. Safety measures can fail and often do as an individual usually intends to clear one’s airway manually. Freeing oneself might involve standing up, untying a knot or removing a bag, but people can become so weak that they cannot stop what is happening once it goes too far.

Other Health Issues

Being alone and not having anyone to turn to for help is part of what makes this so dangerous, but choking for love gratification is still not safe even if a partner is present. Even those who survive could suffer from oxygen loss that leads to tissue damage, and asphyxia is not recommended in or out of the bedroom whether alone or not because it does cause permanent brain damage eventually. Engaging in asphyxiation also could cause a heart attack.


Preventing Further Deaths

Young men ages 12-25 are more likely to engage in auto@rotic asphyxiation, but parents often do not know how to broach this subject with their sons or even if they should. Since teens can find out information about what they are interested in on their own through the internet and peers, beginning a discussion about asphyxiation might be a good idea.

Many teens start with just asphyxiation to get high and only add a lovemaking component once they find out they can get aroused by the practice. Parents can broach this subject by making it clear that choking oneself is dangerous, potentially fatal and not worth rush, and focusing on the non$e*ual aspect of it can still get the point across.

Auto@rotic asphyxiation obviously has a certain appeal to some, but it is important to understand that this act cannot be done safely. Even those who do not die can still suffer injuries from asphyxiation, and this is one kink that should stay strictly in fantasy territory and not be used in real life.

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