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8 Cleansing Herbs to Eliminate Any Parasites

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8 Cleansing Herbs to Eliminate Any Parasites

8 Cleansing Herbs to Eliminate Any Parasites

Parasites are surprisingly more common than you might expect. In fact, Health Wyze tells us that as much as 85% of Americans are right now infected with parasites. While not all of these parasites pose an immediate health risk, they can cause complications as well as internal stress,. And it’s best that you get this taken care of sooner rather than later. So without further ado, let’s get into the eight cleansing herbs that are out there, and the properties involved that will help you cleanse yourself of any and all parasites.

8 Cleansing Herbs to Eliminate Any Parasites



Along with ridding your body of parasites, this totally natural food will also clear your body of any viruses or bacteria that might be worsening your health. This one works by getting rid of heavy metals in your body. You might want to toss some of this good stuff into your pasta dinner or something similar.

Black Walnuts

It’s important to note that only green hulls should be used when relying on this herb that’s primarily used to kill parasites in all the four categories while also clearing up fungi that you might be dealing with. These can be prepared in a variety of vegetarian dishes for maximum effect.


While targeting a number of the parasites in each of the categories, this herb also will help you to fight off intestinal worms and rid yourself of stomach problems. This food should be used sparingly whatever you choose to do with it.


This herb kills off parasites, as well as eliminates eggs that might develop in the intestines when left behind by evacuates parasitic worms. You might want to toss this in with that aforementioned pasta dish as cloves tend to pair pretty well with garlic and other similar herbs.


This particular herb works by cutting off the growth of a lot of different parasites that can appear in your intestines, and it also stimulates the thymus gland, which will help with things like immune system and the like. This herb works well in everything from pasta to ribs.

Oil of Oregano

This herb works by resetting the bacterial environment of your intestines, so you can be rid of everything from parasites to even cancer. It has plenty of free-radical destroying antioxidants that will help you out, and you can put this on pizza to really enhance the flavor.

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Chinese Goldthread

This herb can cure plenty of different types of parasitic infection, and has actually been used for centuries in China due to its naturally therapeutic properties. For this ingredient, you’d want to turn to traditional Asian dishes to really bring out the flavor.

Diatomaceous Earth

This herb is great at both killing off intestinal parasites and regulating the different kinds of positive bacteria that exist in your digestive system. Along with this, it can also eliminate toxins and even kill viruses. Since this is a very fine powder and can cause some harm to the lungs if inhaled, it’s best if you dilute it in some sort of sauce so that you minimize risk of breathing it in.

Which of these herbs will work best for you? It’s best to try them and find out for yourself.

So if you’re looking to not just eliminate some of the harmful parasites in your body, get rid of harmful antioxidants and toxins all of these herbs will help. So go ahead and experiment and find which herb works best for you.

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