15 Foods and Herbs for Your Toxic-Free Blood

15 Foods and Herbs for Your Toxic-Free Blood

15 Foods and Herbs for Your Toxic-Free Blood

Our bodies are equipped with detoxification systems, but these can only perform effectively if the introduction of toxins to our bodies is rare. Poor air quality, pesticides, preservatives and artificial flavor and colors in our food, and harsh chemicals in cosmetics and household products make for a constant flow of toxins entering our bodies. It can be too much for our natural system of healing to deal with, leading to illness and disease. However, just as there are foods that will hurt you, there are foods that will help you. Many foods have been proven to aid the body in cleansing the blood, consequently preventing serious health ailments.


Loaded with antioxidants, beets protect your body from free radicals and encourage the elimination of toxins in your blood. You can consume beets raw by juicing or blending them into a smoothie. Also, try steaming one and adding it in chunks to a salad.

With its high level of the essential mineral sulfur, raw garlic is a star of blood purification. It works by stimulating your liver to produce detoxification enzymes, which filter toxicity from your blood stream. If you have a juicer, try adding a clove of raw garlic to your daily juice to mask its taste.

Milk Thistle
This herb helps to prevent liver damage that may occur in a highly toxic body, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory and nutrient absorption aid. It is easiest to buy milk thistle as a liquid supplement and to add a few drops to a glass of juice or water before drinking.

This favorite fruit is packed with soluble pectin fibers, which bind to cholesterol and heavy metals, flushing them from the system. They also encourage bile production in the liver, encouraging detoxification.



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