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This Is How He Knows You Don’t Trust Him

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This Is How He Knows You Don't Trust Him

This Is How He Knows You Don’t Trust Him

Trust in a girl-boy relationship takes time and effort to build. A man can tell his girl that she can trust him for the umpteenth time, but women can only trust men if there are actions to back up the promise their words. Trust is a vital part of a happy relationship and dating– without trust, it’s really difficult to have marital bliss, a blossoming love or romance. A woman does not tell a man, “I do not trust you.” Rather she will show her lack of trust on a man by asking questions or through her behavior.


So how does a man know that you do not trust him?

When you question his new hobby and dressing style

A woman will fall in love with a man and expect the man to maintain his character and personality. The man who changes his hobbies, dressing style and daily schedule will make his woman think she is dating elsewhere. If the man starts to go out at obscure hours, the woman can immediately assume the man is in some prime leisure time with another woman.

When you ask him why you are not a friend on social media

Everyone seems to be on the social media today- Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Instagram. Your husband or boyfriend could be using the social sites to communicate with ‘friends’ quite often updating the friends on his daily events and engagements. Should you ask your guy why you are not his friend on the internet, he will immediately think you do not trust him. If your wife or the woman you are dating has a social media account, but you do not follow her, or you’ve never invited her to follow you, she will think that you value her less than the online friends.

The woman could also ask why the text messages the man sends her are generic because they seem too common, meaning she thinks you have just picked a text to fulfill an obligation. The text message that does not mention her by name, but addresses her as just baby or sweetie is a source of mistrust in a boy-girl relationship.

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Who was that girl?

When a woman sees a man with another woman and asks, “Who is that girl?, it is a clear sign of lack of trust. Women do not expect men to flirt or get touchy with other girls. Unfortunately, if men are asked to explain the relationship with the other girl, the answer is always, “It’s not what it looks like.”

She wonders why your friends don’t know her name

The woman who is central to a man’s life expects his friends to know her. If the man’s friends or workmates forget her name every time they meet, the woman will translate this to mean that the man does not talk about her much. The woman could even say, “Your friends do not know my name because there are other girls.”

She asks why you take long to respond to her texts

If a man truly cares about a woman, then answering her texts is enjoyable, and is never a hassle. When it takes several hours to answer her texts, it’s because the woman is not his priority. The texting delays will lead to mistrust and might even result in the woman checking the man’s phone for secret texts and call records to other women.

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