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Top 10 Uses of Meditation as Treatment

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Top 10 Uses of Meditation as Treatment

Top 10 Uses of Meditation as Treatment

There are hundreds of benefits to meditation, these are some of the most popular uses. Scientific research into meditation shows radical life-changes to people who practice on a regular basis.

What is meditation?

It can be defined as concentrating the mind on anything, or nothing. It can be a mantra, a candle, breathing, body sensations, or anything you want. The goal is to not let the mind wander from one thing to another. It implies awareness of what is occurring, a non-judgmental attitude, and observation of the world as it is. Instruction is easy to find, there are many classes, videos, and is a major tenet of yoga practice. Intrusive thoughts can come at any time which makes it difficult to meditate. It requires dedication and practice.

• Of particular interest is the effect on cancer patients, it can greatly reduce stress and anxiety

• Reduces the rate of relapse in patients with major depressive disorder

• Meditation techniques are effective in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, diabetes, and cancer reducing the relapse for patients with major depressive disorder.

Top 10 Uses of Meditation as Treatment

• Meditation has been used for treatment of pain and addictions

• Meditation has been used with addiction treatment showing far better results than a placebo and has great effectiveness in smoking cessation

• Some promising results show that training in mindfulness techniques are as effective as cognitive behavioral therapies

• Mindfulness has been postulated to help people diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, promoting acceptance and constructive cognitive and behavioral changes similar to the experience of psychotherapy

• Mindfulness exercises encourages individuals to confront their feelings

• Meditation is very useful during pregnancy and childbirth, these women are more likely to successfully manage stressful situations related to birth, Lamaze breathing is a type of meditation

• Researchers suggest an indirect relationship between mindfulness, meditation, and well being. Increased behavioral regulation is enhanced by meditation leading to a decrease of negative automatic thoughts.

• Mindfulness training is helpful in the performance of different types of athletic activity


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