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9 Weird Things Men Have Said in Bed That Cost Them Their Relationship!

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9 Weird Things Men Have Said in Bed That Cost Them Their Relationship!

9 Weird Things Men Have Said in Bed That Cost Them Their Relationship!

As women, we all know how important the physical part of our relationships are; You want someone who will care for you and think you’re absolutely the best in and out of bed. Unfortunately, we don’t always end up with what we want and our dream guy can end up saying the worst things after a night spent together. Here are some of the things gathered from multiple women who had a not-so-good evening.

9 Weird Things Men Have Said in Bed That Cost Them Their Relationship

  • “It’s late, you’d better be getting home soon.”
  • “I’m married.”
  • “I hope my parents didn’t hear us.”
  • “What is your name again?”
  • “Thanks”
  • “I’ll call a cab for you.”
  • “Do you know how to clean?”
  • “The condom broke.”
  • “You kinda look like my mother

These comments are among some of the worst things you can say after making love, or rather, pretending to. A friend of mine once fell into bed with a man who seemed to have all the right things; the sense of humor, the looks, and the romance. After lovemaking, he was more than pushy to get her out of his bedroom and into a cab. He even had the nerve to tell her he would call her!

If you’ve been insulted by a guy this way, don’t sweat it! Most likely he isn’t going to be the last person to ever be emotionally involved with you, and there’s plenty more fish in the sea. The guy could just be a straight up jerk, and in that case, let it go

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Most women are very sensitive when it comes to their s*xu@l side, so it’s very important to recognize that. Us gals often feel a certain sense of approval when it comes to making love, at least I know I do. If we end up being insulted or feeling unwanted, it can lead to insecurities that’ll ruin us in the long run. Guys, even if the deed done was awful, stay positive and compliment the women on more positive things she has shown. If all else fails, at least you learned a lesson.

If you aren’t mature enough to have it and enjoy it without jumping to conclusions like marriage or the curb, then don’t have it. If someone is letting you in, let them and don’t wear out your welcome, unless of course it is wanted.

Stay positive, protected, and ready for the best, and let’s hope not the worst.

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