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What Your Face Says About Your Personality

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What Your Face Says About Your Personality

What Your Face Says About Your Personality
By Positivemed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Rounded: If you have a round forehead it means you are artistic, creative, emotional, but not always logical.
Slanted: If you possess a slanted forehead you are professional and like to get results. You don’t like talking about your personal life.
Flat: A flat forehead, like Brad Pitt, signifies that you like to think before taking an action.

Thick: Strong eyebrows indicate self-confidence and a logical approach to life.
Thin: Thin brows often indicate a lack of confidence
Round/Curvy: People with these brows can be led by emotions and are often sensitive.

Big-Beautiful: Those who possess big and beautiful eyes are usually extroverted. They open up easily and think that others be the same way.
Small Eyes: Small eyed people are often more reserved and enjoy. They can be hard to impress.
Close Together: Usually smart at dealing with any situation and make use of things to their advantage.
Wide Apart: These people are tolerant and far sighted.

What Your Face Says About Your Personality

Prominent: The more prominent your nose is, the more you care about the quality of your work and explore the details.
Small: Generally people with small noses tend to believe that they work smarter, not harder. These people are quite efficient but not perfectionists. They are often shy and timid.
Wide: These people are emotional and generous. They are always ready to lend support to friends and family.

A Large Mouth: If you have a large mouth with full lips relationships or are important to you.
Narrow Lips: Such people have great determination and are good at making decisions. They love their space and privacy.
Larger Bottom Lip: Often pleasure seekers. They are full of life and love to enjoy it.

Double: A sign of good luck and abundance later in life.
Pointed: Dominating and like to be in charge. Can be moody.
Strong: Usually stubborn and independent. Make wise decisions.
Small: Often lack self confidence and willpower. They tend to give up easily.
With Cleft or Dimple: People who have a small dimple in their chin are always ready to help others and love to be in spotlight.

Gap between The Front Teeth: Need focus in life, impulsive risk takers.
Large Front Teeth: Often stubborn and impatient.
Inward Slanting: Quick to grab opportunities Tenacious

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