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THIS Will Bring More Happiness

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THIS Will Bring More Happiness

THIS Will Bring More Happiness

Do you often link more happiness with the number in your bank account? Do you think that if you made more money at your job, it would bring you happiness and a better sense of worth? The historical problem with money is that the more money someone has, the more they want. Happiness is not linked to your paycheck, despite what you may think.


Research done on bank customers has found that having accessible cash is more likely to bring happiness than having earned and invested money. Having cash on hand, however, isn’t more likely for people who have higher earnings. Despite demographics, having accessible cash is important to life satisfaction, over earnings, debt, and investments. While money does not buy happiness, here are five tips to increased financial savings and happiness.

Have a Savings Account

Almost one quarter of Americans over the age of 18 do not have a savings account. This is money that is safe in a bank and not likely to be spent on impulse buys. People with a savings account feel a sense of security against the unknown. Putting money away also allows for independence and peace of mind.

Make Savings a Priority

It is important to actively add to your savings account. Simply opening one, but not putting any money in it, will not result in happiness. While saving money is not important to many people, it is important to note that their lack of savings is likely contributing to their unhappiness. While savings will not grow very much without adding to it, anyone can put forth the effort to add to their savings account.

Make Savings Automatic

Always remember to pay yourself first. Have money from each paycheck automatically set aside for savings so it doesn’t even cross your wallet. It is best to save at least 10% of each paycheck, but you can decide what works best for you and your current lifestyle. Pick an amount that is a little higher than what seems like you could handle in order to grow your savings quicker. This will also help you to be more spending conscious and manage your money better.


Use Cash to Build Cash

A great way to spend less money is to only pay with cash. This will make impulse purchases happen less frequently, as you have to physically hand over money, rather than swiping a card. Some people use a trick of labeling envelopes with specific categories of how they spend their money and fill them each month with an allowance. Once the money in an envelope is gone, it is gone, and it will not be replenished until the following month.

Do a Monthly Budget

Couples fight about money a lot. Divorce is often preceded by financial hardships between a husband and wife. It is important to communicate effectively with your spouse about money. A budget should be agreed upon each month and reviewed and altered often. This should be an area of agreement between spouses.

Using these tips will result in the growth of a savings account. Having three to six months worth of expenses saved up in a savings account will take some stress and worry off of the family in case of an unexpected occurrence like a job loss or home repair. When emergencies do happen, you will not have the added financial stress to deal with on top of fixing the problem at hand.

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