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Get Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

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Get Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

Many women are interested in enlarging their bust. The reasons for this vary from woman to woman, and logically speaking, no woman needs to justify the desire or action of enlarging their bust. What is most important about this subject is health and wealth. No one wants to risk their life or financial stability for a larger pair of breast. To some, this makes going under the knife for breast augmentation surgery too great a risk for the reward. For those ladies, there are alternatives to surgical breast enlargement, BUT they should be approached with a level head. There are some reasonable and legal products, and there are also some manufacturers only interested in making a profit. Take a little time and learn the difference.

Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

Herbal supplements and creams are two hugely popular types of all natural breast enlargement alternatives. The supplements are ingested orally (normally 2-3 times a day), and the creams are applied directly to the breast and are then thoroughly massaged into the skin. Often these two products will be sold in tandem to maximize their intended purpose.

Most herbal supplements include ingredients that either claim to help the production of estrogen, or the ingredients will attempt to mimic estrogen once in the body. This idea is based on sound science, because it is a well-known fact that estrogen causes breast to grow. Though in practice, it does not work so well. The breast enlargement creams could be more specifically addressed as breast enhancement creams. These products often do not actually attempt to enlarge the breast. Instead, they try to lift and firm the breast, which often makes the breast appear fuller and larger.

As with any all natural supplement, the effectiveness varies from individual to individual. The research available for these kinds of products is worth a look, but they are no definitive conclusions out there. None of these products offer a guarantee of success, but rather a potential for success. When deciding amongst these products, it goes back to our original two most important factors: Health and Wealth. These products are not inspected by the FDA. This is important to recognize, because there may be ingredients in the product that were not listed. This can cause excessive side effects, allergic reactions, and even harmful drug interactions with pharmaceuticals. If interested in an herbal supplement research the manufacturer to assure they have been in business for a substantial amount of time and that they have a great reputation.


As for the creams, they are safe, but they are also known to be not very effective at breast enlargement. These products can successfully firm and lift the breasts. It may not seem like a major change, but simply changing the appearance of breast can significantly change their perceived size. Also, the action of massaging the cream into the breast can potentially stimulate breast growth.

A more aggressive and more likely to be successful alternative are devices like the Brava Bra. A device like this attaches to the chest and gently pulls on the breast to stimulate growth of breast tissue. The success of this device is not guaranteed either, but it seems to resonate well with the women who utilize them. An added benefit to this product is that there are no risk involved. The only thing to consider with this is the cost and expected growth. Devices like these can be very expensive, and the change they can create may be small and temporary.

Get Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

For the woman who really wants results but is unsure about cosmetic surgery, fat grafting may be her best option. Fat grafting is a non-surgical procedure, in which fat from unwanted places is removed from the body and placed into the breasts. This may sound like a perfect solution, but it is not that simple. There is abundant research on fat grafting, and there is abundant research on the breast, but combining the two is relatively new. There are virtually no long term studies available on this study because of how new it is. Sparing all worst case scenarios, a common concern is that the fat transferred to the breast is broken down, and reabsorbed into the body – returning the breast to their original size.

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Alternative breast enlargement products are a great way to avoid the cost (financial and physical) of surgical breast augmentation. In contrast to the stable and predictable conditions of breast implants, alternative methods will usually only produce temporary growth and then the breast will return to their original size – if the products work. Additionally, these methods can only produce limited growth. Women who want to gain a much larger bust will not see those results with these methods. With the relative low risk of the majority of these products, it may be the healthiest and wealthiest option available.

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