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5 Things Men REALLY Notice On a First Date

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5 Things Men REALLY Notice On a First Date

5 Things Men REALLY Notice On a First Date

A first date can be both enjoyable and grueling. You want to impress the person you’re going out with, but you may uncertain of exactly how to go about it. It gets even more nerve-wracking once you learn that you have an incredibly small window in which to wow them. According to a new study, people determine the suitability of their date in just 12 minutes. There’s an up side to this, though. Instead of over-analyzing everything, you can focus on the details that will matter most. Here are the five things that men will really notice on a first date.

5 Things Men REALLY Notice On a First Date

1. Punctuality

You probably don’t like it when someone is late, and neither does your date. Men like it when you arrive when you said you would. Failing to show on time establishes unreliability from the beginning, which is a big turn-off for many people.

2. If It’s All About You

It’s a given that your date wants to get to know you, so it makes sense to talk about yourself. However, it shouldn’t be one-sided. Presumably, you want to get to know them, and that means talking about them, too. If you make the date all about you, it tends to make you seem egotistical or self-centered.

3. Your Smile

Nothing helps you hit it off like a bright, genuine smile. It lets your date know that you’re relaxed and having fun. As it turns out, your smile is also one of the things you have 12 minutes to impress your date with, so make it count.

4. Your Kindness

You don’t like a jerk, and odds are that your date won’t, either. If you’re rude or short-tempered with waiters at the restaurant, or if you engage in mean-spirited gossip on your date, it’s a deal-breaker.

5. Ease of Conversation and Sense of Humor

Finally, your date is sure to take note of your conversational skills and sense of humor. Most men like a woman who can tell a good joke and seems at ease in a conversation. After all, awkward gaps in a conversation indicate discomfort and a lack of confidence. Being unable to appreciate a joke can make you seem uptight and closed off.


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