4 Hidden Signs of Protein Deficiency – The First One Gets Blamed on Carbs!

In today’s world, we are constantly reminded of how westerners are overfed and overweight. We have all seen and heard evidence of the protein deficiency caused by this way of life. As a result, the diet industry is booming, and many of the current crops of diets are recognizing the remarkable ability of a protein to not only build and repair tissues but also to stave off cravings by normalizing our blood sugar.

4 Hidden Signs of Protein Deficiency - The First One Gets Blamed on Carbs!

Paleo diet. Atkins. Body-for-Life. All of our popular eating plans today are very pro-protein, and the stigma surrounding red meat and saturated fat is finally beginning to lift as we learn that it was based on very faulty research, to begin with.

Yet many of us are still falling through the cracks when it comes to getting enough protein. Namely, those on a vegetarian or vegan diet, or those who chronically undereat in an attempt to control weight through calorie restriction. This problem becomes much worse if the person in question is an athlete.

Without crunching numbers, here are 4 simple signs that you are not getting enough protein.

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1. Constant cravings for sweets

Donuts, chocolate, cookies, and candy. Cravings for these types of foods along with the feeling that you’re never quite full are the first signs that you may be low on protein. Many diet books tell us that eating sugar will cause a later craving for more of the same, and while that is absolutely true, a shortage of protein will do the same thing.