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Top 8 Causes of Hair Loss in both Men and Women

Top 8 Causes of Hair Loss in both Men and Women

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The problem of losing hair is commonly known as alopecia which affects both women and men. Hair loss can occur when you run a quick brush or take a shower throughout your hair. On a single day, you may tend to lose about 50- 100 hairs. If you have excessive hair loss, it can be a sign of severe medical condition which can be treated with the right medical procedure.

These causes can range from the simple to temporary vitamin deficiency to a more complex issue that may affect your health conditions. However, it is difficult to determine the precise cause of your hair loss. But here are some of the causes of hair loss which include the following:

Top 8 Causes of Hair Loss in both Men and Women

Genetic and hereditary

Hair loss can be caused by hereditary issues in your family. Your genes can be inherited from your father or mother’s side which may affect you in case there is that history in your lineage. The genes responsible for your hair are mainly X chromosomes. Therefore, this gene is helpful in understanding the inherited cause of hair loss.

Illness/ diseases

The major diseases that may lead to unnecessary hair loss in your body include typhoid, viral infections, or malaria. This type of hair loss disorder is normally temporary, includes alopecia areata. Other infections that may lead to your hair loss may include fungal scalp infection, folliculitis, and Demodex infection. A disease like cancer may cause you to lose more hair due to the radiation received during the treatment process such as chemotherapy.

Lack of enough protein

When you have protein deficiency in your diet, it may inhibit your hair growth. This can affect you for about three months after shutting down in protein intake. However, you can avoid this problem by having foods that are rich in protein such as meat, eggs, fish, and vegetables that they have the high content of protein.

Stress/ trauma

If you are too much stressed it leads to mental disorders, diseases, and illness that may result in hair loss in both women and men. This is because stress may affect your eating behavior and may cause you to lose your hair out. Any physical trauma may result in temporary hair loss. Stress affects your hair cycle thus inhibiting the growth of hair. This type of hair loss is referred to as telogen effluvium.

Too much of vitamin A

If you consume a lot of vitamin A, it will affect your health. However, taking too much of medications or supplements of vitamin A is not recommended for your body. Medicines that contain vitamin A such as Accutane cure acne but also cause your hair loss. Besides hair loss, other effects include dry skin, blurred vision, and vomiting which are the major complications of vitamin A.

Improper hair care

One of the major causes of hair loss is improper hair care that is resulted due to excessive styles in your hair. This is due to much pressure and heat that is exerted in your hair that can lead to a considerable hair loss.


As you grow old, your hair follicles that hold your hair will lose its strength. This is because the root that keeps your hair shrinks from its original size causing your hair follicles to loosen. This is the reason you found your grandparents are affected by hair loss. However, most women and men lose their hair by the age of 30 which is inevitable.

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Drastic weight loss

Abrupt weight loss is a kind of physical trauma that sometimes results from hair thinning. This also happens even when the weight loss is eventually good for you. Weight loss might stress your body leading to both mineral and vitamin deficiencies. However, loss of hair along with weight loss can be a sign of malt nutritional disorder such as bulimia or anorexia. Studies have found that rapid weight loss shock your system and you might lose your hair for are a period of six months.

How to regrow your hair naturally

Hair loss is common in both women and men, and you may seek various ways to regain your hair either using hair plugs, surgery or chemical solutions. If you want to know how to regrow hair, fortunately, there are some natural and inexpensive ways: They may include dietary changes, scalp massage, and application of beneficial oils in your hair.

Also taking proper care of your hair is another way you can regrow your hair and prevent hair losses. Some of the popular oil you can apply includes coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil.  These oils are recommended because they help to unclog hair follicles that allow new growth of your hair in about 10 days.

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