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5 Things Men Won’t Tell You About Making Love (But You Better to Know)

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5 Things Men Won't Tell You About Making Love (But You Better to Know)

5 Things Men Won’t Tell You About Making Love (But You Better to Know)

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When it comes to lovemaking, women aren’t the only ones who tend to overthink things. The fact is that men struggle with some of the same issues that challenge women, but being aware of the issue is truly half the battle. Before you plan another romantic evening, here are just a few things you may want to keep in mind in order to make the evening more successful and enjoyable for both of you.


Insecurity Reigns
Even models can be plagued with insecurity, so consider yourself fortunate if you feel great about your body. However, most men struggle with their own private demons, including feeling insecure about their fat, member size and lack of muscle tone. Research shows that about a quarter of young men in their 20s would rather make love with the lights off because they’re self-conscious. If you’ve been feeling less attractive because your bra size is not what you want or your pants size feels a little large, take comfort in the fact that he’s got the same issues. Focusing on your own may not be the best way to overcome this challenge. Instead, give him the same treatment that you would want. Offer up some sincere compliments and point out the features that you adore.

Talk Does Not Equal Action
Talking about different scenarios can help anyone get in the mood, but that doesn’t mean that he’s seriously considering following through with something. In fact, experts point out that a man’s brain is simply wired to always consider the possibility of having another woman in addition to his primary partner. You can play along with this by letting him talk about the fantasy. Some role-playing can even take the fantasy to a higher level without actually inviting a third person into the room. The next time he divulges his fantasies to you, go ahead and play along to see how you can both get more out of the experience.

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It Really is Nothing Personal
Some guys love “@rotic” pictures and movies. They need the visual stimulation, and it helps them provide their partners with a great experience. However, the insecurity that so many women struggle with can make it hard to accept that it’s not personal. Before you get upset that he’s renewing a magazine subscription, remind yourself that he’s not expecting you to look or act like the women featured inside. He enjoys the fantasy, and you’ll ultimately reap the benefits. In fact, you may talk openly with him about the p@rnographic material to see if there’s anything you can do to make your moments of closeness more passionate and fun.

Once in a While, Take Control
For more most part, women like for the man to take control in the bedroom, and men are typically happy to call the shots. However, they also like a change of pace sometimes. Once in a while, switch things up by being more vocal and taking a little control for yourself. You’ll both probably enjoy it quite a bit.

Cuddling is Actually a Good Thing
There’s a myth that men aren’t interested in cuddling, but this has more to do with a society that tells men cuddling is weak. The fact is that the simple human contact of cuddling is a sign of weakness and a potential threat to their masculinity. However, your partner will still enjoy cuddling, and the non-S*xual physical connection can greatly strengthen your bond.

It’s often said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but the truth is that there’s plenty of middle ground when it comes to the bedroom. With a better understanding of your man’s view, you can meet him halfway so that you both can enjoy the lovemaking better.

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