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These 7 Superwomen Will Inspire You To Be More Fit

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These 7 Superwomen Will Inspire You To Be More Fit

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These 7 Super Fit Women (Ages More Than 66) Will Inspire You to Be More Fit and Get off Your Butt Now!

As summer draws to a close, most people are looking forward to warm sweaters and hot chocolate. It’s even possible that you’re contemplating taking a few days off from the gym since you worked so hard all summer to look sizzling hot in your bikini. Before you crawl under the covers with a box of Chips Ahoy, you might want to take a look at these fit and fabulous women, all of whom are over 60 years old. Guaranteed, these ladies will change your mind.

Diana Nyad
After four failed attempts, Diana finally succeeded in swimming the 103-mile span from Cuba to Florida in 2013. Now 66 years old, she is still a firm believer of following your dreams regardless of age. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Diana Nyad

Constance Tillit
This powerhouse has done what makes grown men cry. At 80 years old, not only has she lost 50 pounds doing CrossFit, but she also has made a video encouraging others. Her motto is,”Get up and do it. Stop with the whining!” With that said, the next time you want to drop out of spinning class because it’s too intense, think of Constance. If an 80-year-old woman can do dead lifts, surely you can peddle your fanny uphill for 40 minutes.

Constance Tillit

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With over 70 years of experience under her yoga belt, this 97-year-old yogi is still going strong; not only in the world of yoga but on the big screen as well. In June 2015, she dazzled the judges on America’s Got Talent when she danced like nobody was watching to Pitbull’s Fireball. Porchon-Lynch definitely proves that age is just a number.

Porchon Lynch

Gunhild Swanson
Remember when you were in high school and had to run laps around the track? Remember how you complained the entire time stating you were going to die before completing one mile? Unfortunately, you might need to hang your head in shame since Gunhild Swanson ran over 100.2 miles in less than 29 hours, and her coach didn’t have to tell her to pick up the pace. At 70 years young, she broke the record for being the oldest woman to complete the Western State Endurance Run. Simply magnificent, I would say.

Gunhild Swanson

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Phyllis Sues
Let’s hear it for the yogis! This must be the fountain of youth since this young lady still practices faithfully at 92 years old. Her mantras are pretty hip as well:
Your body is your best friend.
Do what you love and love yourself.
Practicing yoga regularly is key to a long and healthy life.

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Phyllis Sues

Kaye Didas
Although she sticks a little closer to home, this active 93-year-old is still pretty incredible. After completing 1,000 workouts at her local Curves gym in Michigan, she is ready to take on the world.

Kaye Didas

Anne Lorimore
Scaling mountains isn’t usually what comes to mind when you think of your 85-year-old grandmother unless she is Anne Lorimore. This spry gal climbed Mount Kilimanjaro alone and reached the summit in eight days, and that was after catching the flu.

Anne Lorimore

These seven extraordinary women prove that living a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly is what keeps us young. So, how do you get your fitness on?


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