11 Vital Things You Should Tell Your Future Partner

11 Vital Things You Should Tell Your Future Partner

11 Vital Things You Should Tell Your Future Partner

Failing to tell our future partners certain things can be almost as damaging to the relationship as cheating. If you want increase the likelihood of having a stable relationship with your future partner, be sure to make the following things as clear as possible, as early as possible.


Tell them exactly what level of relationship you’re looking for

The most important thing that most people neglect to tell their partner when they should is the exact level of the relationship that they’re actually searching for. Clearly communicating the type of relationship that you’re after will save both you and your partner from a lot of avoidable heartache in both the short run and the long run.

Tell them what your boundaries are

We owe it to ourselves and our partners to tell them exactly what it is that we can and can’t tolerate. Letting your partner know the things that you’re not okay with demonstrates the level of trust that you have in them to respect you. Telling them what your boundaries are is not only honest, but lowers the chance of a forming a codependent relationship.

Tell them what your career plans are

One of the main things that can sabotage a perfectly healthy relationship is one partner abruptly revealing that their career path will require the other partner to completely uproot their lives to stay together. To spare your partner the stress of dealing with the sudden knowledge that your career needs to come first, tell them what your professional goals are from day one; this will at least give them time to prepare for the the possibility you might have to make significant personal lifestyle changes in the future.

Tell them how much you travel

If you develop a close relationship with someone in a place that you’re only staying in temporarily, then it’s imperative for you to let them know that you may not be around forever. Nobody likes to be left in the cold by a globetrotting partner who never said a word about their passion for traveling the world.


Tell them about your friends and family

Unless you’re hiding the existence of your partner from everyone that you know and love, then there will certainly come a time when they cross paths with the people close to you. It’s a good idea to at least give your partner an inkling of a idea about what your friends and family are like, as this will lower the chance of any embarrassing faux paus upon the initial meeting.

Tell them some of the less flattering things in your history

If there’s something in your past that will undoubtedly have a big impact on the way that you and your partner spend time with one another, then you mustn’t delay letting them know as quickly as possible. Consider the Streisand effect when it comes to your relationship and the less-than-flattering things about your past. The more you try to cover it up, the worse it will be when it eventually does come to light.

Tell them them your weaknesses