10 Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner

10 Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner

10 Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner

Check financial statements. When people cheat, they often start spending money in new ways. This may include dinners at fancy restaurants, hotel stays and expensive gifts such as jewelry. You can check physical statements that come in the mail or online statements.

Go through the trash or recycle bin. You’ll be looking for the same type of evidence you might find in financial statements. In this case, however, you’re most likely to find receipts for gifts, dinners or hotels.

Install a spycam. This is another extreme but highly effective method. You’ll want to place a hidden camera in your partner’s bedroom, office, vehicle or anywhere you suspect he or she might be spending time with a lover.

Track your partner’s car. This is something you’ve surely seen in police or spy movies, where a GPS device is hidden under the target’s car. With today’s technology, you can find such a device online or at a store that sells this kind of equipment. Another version of this can be applied if you have an iPhone. You “accidently” leave your phone in your partner’s car in a hidden place. You then use the Find My iPhone app from another device and you can find out everywhere your partner has driven.


Seduce your partner under an alias. This won’t tell you if your partner is currently cheating, but does let you know if he or she is open to it. You’ll have to do some work creating an attractive yet realistic social media profile. You’ll need some fake photos, which aren’t hard to find online. The TV show Catfish reveals many of the techniques people use to create fake social media profiles. It works best if you can elicit the help of a friend or two who can help build credibility for the profile. You then contact your partner, do some flirting and see what happens.

These are some of the best ways to catch a cheating partner. Before using these methods, however, make sure you’re ready to know the truth. It’s painful to find out that someone you want to trust has betrayed you. Yet it’s also better to know the truth than to be deceived.