The Cheater Diaries: 9 Men Explain Their Infidelity

The Cheater Diaries: 9 Men Explain Their Infidelity

The Cheater Diaries: 9 Men Explain Their Infidelity

Nobody would blame a person who’s been cheated on for not wanting to rationalize their partner’s infidelity. To gain a little bit more insight into the things that are often left unsaid, several men have come forward to explain exactly what it was that compelled them to cheat on their significant others and the resulting aftermath. The men don’t attempt to justify their actions, but you just might find their reasons slightly surprising.



“All my life, I’ve had this competitive urge that’s gotten me into trouble. I have to be the best, and when I don’t feel like the best, I feel like I’m losing. I knew that my wife got a lot of attention, and when I thought about that, it made me feel like I had to compete with her. Things got out of control fast.”

Studies have shown that men who have a higher level of testosterone are more psychologically prone to risk-seeking behavior, and that includes cheating.

Emotional Dissatisfaction

“I put up a front that I don’t really feel much of anything. I had to be the rock for my family when I was growing up, so I’ve learned to suppress my feelings and never to show weakness. I had convinced my wife and myself that I didn’t need to share anything, but when another woman did, I felt something I couldn’t resist.”

Contrary to popular belief, many men feel emotionally deprived in their relationships. Cheating can often be a result of man’s desire to fill the psychological urge for emotional validation that he feels he’s lacking in his relationship.


“The feeling of regret that I had after cheating was one of the worst things I’ve ever felt in my entire life. She thought that I was happy about it, but I’d rather be dead than feel something like that again.”

There’s a stereotype that cheating men are all remorseless playboys. Surprisingly, a psychological survey showed that 66% of men felt guilt immediately after cheating.

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A fantasy complex

“I think should have made a better effort to do more do more adventurous things when I was young. The boredom of my day-to-day became so overwhelming that I let my imagination take over my common sense. My girlfriend shouldn’t have had to pay for that.”

A survey showed 98% of men and 80% of women reportedly fantasize about cheating on their partners at some point in time.

The mistress at work

“When I was at work, it felt like an escape. Instead of approaching my relationship’s challenges, I pretended they didn’t exist.”

Apparently, 40% of men who cheat report that they met their mistress in the workplace. Depending on how much stress the man deals with on a daily basis, he may build up a psychological disconnect between his work life and his personal life.