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I know I often mention how blessed I am by my friends, but it’s often worth repeating. You never know what kind of friends you are making, and where they will be in your future, if indeed, they are to have a role in your future. I hope that I am half as good of a friend as mine are to me.

Many years ago, like 17, I worked at a shelter for battered women and children, I was with the AmeriCorps*VISTA program, and my job was fundraising, training and recruiting volunteers, community education, and staffing our 24 hour crisis lines. I became friends with several of the volunteers, one even visited me in Minnesota after I moved there, and I visited her here. Through the course of a divorce (mine) and a marriage (hers) we lost touch for several years, we ran into each other one day, added each other on a social network, and when I was evicted with no place to go and no money she bought a trailer house planning on me moving into it as a renter.

A few years ago when meeting an old friend for a drink we met 2 much younger guys, I exchanged phone numbers with one and he is still one of my best friends and has helped me move twice, helped one of my kids move once, and when my car was out of commission drove me to work several times.

I had a blind date a few years ago, he is to this day one of my best friends and has been there for me emotionally, financially, and I have no idea where I would be without him.

A wonderful friend in spirit that I have not even met yet, came to my rescue when I broke my computer, and sent me a check to pay for repairs.

Sometimes I will receive a phone call, email, or text messages from an old friend that brings me joy and a sense of peace to know that connection is still there.

I have been unable to work for 9 months now, I still have my car, with insurance, I still have internet, my mom has been paying my cell phone bill, and I still have a roof over my head and food to eat. I am stunned and humbled, and in awe, of how very blessed my life really is. I get frustrated that things take so long to settle so that I can have a bit of an income, but I have not gone without anything I need, and I have grown and changed in ways I did not think possible.

Since I was 4 years old I wanted to be a nurse, I never really wanted to be anything else but a writer. Now that I am no longer able to work as a nurse I am writing, and the writing I do is perfect for me. I write 5 days a week, or one, depending on how I feel. Ideas come to me constantly and I feel like my life has become an open vessel, and I have truly opened my heart to the possibilities with each change.

I have no idea what I have done to deserve these blessings in my life, and I am so grateful, and I pray that you all receive three times the blessings you have been to me.

About the author:
MamaSteph has 2 kids by birth and several by love, she is a nurse and enjoys finding healthier ways to make comfort foods, gardening, enjoying nature, and living life to the fullest…For a list of her blogs please click here.

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